The average age of those who have died from COVID-19 in Italy is 80.3 years old, and only 25.8% are women.

Italy, who has stopped having children due to feminists and commies, is a nation of old people. Very old people. Maybe it’s time to clear them out? Except… other then welcoming Africans into their deserted villages to breed like rabbits and make them into Africa, there’s little hope.

Nations that don’t produce children are death zones already. The virus is just the broom sweeping them away.

The local village comes out to the square to enjoy their last moments before saying goodbye. 

America is ALMOST as bad as Italy, with our women also not having children. Already over 50 percent of school children and births are non-Europanic.

Is this why America has panicked? Because by overtaxing us to the extreme and divorce raping men, eventually men walk away from marriage and we are left with a nation of Tinder Sluts.

Eventually you pay the piper, and his name is Covid-19.

Get out the popcorn, it’s going to be a long month