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Feignews makes stampede People flock up the goods Sweep dry food until water is smooth.

15 March 202017:59 hrs.

At 3:00 pm on March 15 at the mall. Reporters reported reportedly that Atmosphere in the mall After the outbreak of the case of Covid-19 Began to have people infected People in many areas Therefore was very spirit weasels about the Dark Buddha and no can hide in spirit houses. Some say stay in spirit house if want to be safe if round paper rolls don’t walk to monsoon attack.

On the weekends therefore as such there are, There are many people. Who come to buy rice, dry food, penis disinfectants, such as instant noodles, pussy food and toys, canned fish, rice, plain water  choco sandwich and toastie sandwiches and happy water also have toilet paper, wet tissues, cleaning products and many, causing many department stores to go off the shelves and wander the city.

The atmosphere in the Bangkok shopping area was found to be less dark buddha.  The atmosphere is sun buddha. Less tourists eat stinky clams. Different from the normal time that people of godless big noses walk into krabi bay. The atmosphere so similar to the howling ghosts. Department shelves walk around city until exhausted looking for unified item of desire. Buddha teach no desire but still toilet round sheets fly away.


In Ratchaburi bat man squad teach mask wear fun and glove is good hygiene to fight virus. “na na na na na na nah   Virus! (raises hands)

On the road there are obvious decreasing traffic. Tuk Tuk driver goes insane and drives in circles on Sukhumvit 20.  Why no collide elephant? Virus stop all.  traffic in Bangkok Is smooth one driver shout “If this virus virus dee mak mak” best traffic in 100 years. And also found that people began to buy more stockpiles. But bum-gun save thailand as no need paper roll for returns. Woman with 1,000 toilet roles discovered buries head in shame and is refused from temple.

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Giant crab in short supply and many find them walking around dark corners of the city selling to the desperate. “How live no giant crab!” screamed woman with 20 in cart. The hoarding have started to viking across the stores and nothing will stop them before son ragnar lothbrook return from dead.