PM: Queen Sha Nay Nay Bootylicious

Queen: That’s Boot-TAY

PM: Boot-TAY! Yes. So what is the first thing you will do as supreme court judge?

Queen: First of all, and don get me started TOO LATE I’m STARTED! First of all, NO TAXES on black people. None. Reparations for slavery? I want ONE MILLION DOLLARS for every black person.

PM: Wow thats a strong policy. But how do we know who qualifies as black?

Queen: Who qualifies? Damn Sugar, If you can’t tell I can’t help you

PM: Well do you mean Jussie Smollett black or Trevor Noah Daily show black?

Queen: Keep going…

PM: Corey Booker Black?

Queen: KAmala Harris BLACK!


Queen: Hell yah, and I won’t stop there.  Parking tickets? Not if your black. Abortions? Free if your black. Jobs? Yah only have to work noon to three if your black. And only on tuesdays.

PM: Thats going to be a big change, but only congress can write the laws you would just get to oversee them

Queen: Well I’m voting to change that as well. What has congress done for the last two years?

PM: You do have a point…

Queen: Take drug dealin. That’s the only job you can have on welfare. But if every black gets free welfare and can work any job they want ON TOP OF THAT they won’t have to resort to druggin. Poof drug problems in the hood will go away.

PM: What about the border?

Queen: We need to SHOOT the invaders. Damn bean people can’t take OUR welfare no longah!

PM: What about birth rates, blacks are starting to reproduce as little as whites and have five times the abortions.

Queen: You ever been to LA? This nation is FULL.

PM: So true.

Queen: Abortions up to the age of 50 will be FREE

PM: You mean if the mother is 50 years old?

Queen: No I mean if thuh BABIES are 50 years old.  Let em check out. Grind em up and make more burgers. This country needs the meat

PM: Aren’t you worried these positions will make you controversial?

Queen: They let Corey Booker stay in the presidential race after he screamed ATTAKAR in spanish. Hell yah they’ll let me stay. It’s a life appointment. Can’t be impeached once you make the supreme court baby.

PM: Speaking of impeachment, do you support impeaching Trump?

Queen:  It’s Pelosi who needs to go that woman drops her dentures every other word! And don get me started on Pocahontas!

PM: And that brings us to… AOC

Queen: Crazy Cortez? She’s the future of the party. With 100 million friholos here already and a million coming in every year we got much bigger things to worry about than the Corona virus baby! This nation is a Changin and I don’t mean Spanglish. Where are the black people supposed to go they took Compton.  Harlem is going to be taco town if this keeps up.

PM: White people feel the same way. We don’t want to lose the nation but our women divorce rape the men and prefer to be tinder whores than make babies

Queen: I know what you mean. It’s sad out there. One Honey had her pussy streched out so bad one of her 12 chillen went missin.  You can guess where they found em!

PM: I , I’m shocked I never thought we’d agree on anything. Maybe there is … some bridge we can shake hands across

Queen: Shake your boot-tay, Theres a Virus out there Fool!