baby hook

I was worried the baby might have survived. Thank goodness it didn’t. Still the emergency room bill was over 80,000 dollars, all paid for by US taxpayers

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is saddened to report a 19-year-old, 8 -month pregnant woman from Guatemala was pronounced deceased Tuesday afternoon in an El Paso, Texas hospital. Our condolences are with her family.”

What? How about you filthy criminal we’re goddamn glad youre dead now where do we send the hospital bill.

Their plan was OBVIOUSLY to mooch off our welfare system and get free food and housing BECAUSE our psychotic government considers beaner turds American citizens, which THEY ARE NOT


The details of Girón Luna’s life are sparse, but according to social media posts from friends, she was a social worker and beauty pageant winner in her hometown of Quetzaltenango. She and her partner made the more than 3,000-mile journey to the U.S.-Mexico border in hopes of finding work to financially support her family. Their journey ended tragically when Girón Luna attempted to scale an 18-foot portion of the border wall and fell onto her back. Diaz Garcia carried Girón Luna until he found Border Patrol agents, who called for an ambulance.

In a statement from CBP to Prism, the agency said Girón Luna “was in pain” when Border Patrol agents encountered her, “but [she] was answering questions about her condition.” According to the federal immigration agency, both Diaz Garcia and the mortally injured Girón Luna were considered under arrest and in CBP custody when they were found and when Girón Luna died Mar. 10 in a Texas hospital. Local news outlets report that the 19-year-old suffered a brain bleed, lacerations to the liver and kidneys, and a broken pelvis. CBP told Prism that upon Girón Luna’s arrival at the hospital, doctors performed an emergency C-section, followed by surgery for fractured pelvis and internal bleeding. CBP said Girón Luna was medicated, underwent a CT scan, blood transfusions, “another surgery [and] dialysis,” which stabilized her until her death. Medical staff were also unable to save Girón Luna’s baby.