new money

When the crisis hit the first thing people did was exchange their fiat currency for hard money. No not gold and silver, TOILET PAPER.

So does toilet paper meet all the conditions for a currency? Does it pass the requirements?

First it has to be a store of value. Well yes, it never loses its value.

Second, it has to be divisible. Can’t argue this one, it comes in sheets. And you can even separate the 2 ply.

Third, it has to be fungible. And yes again, it is easily exchanged for say a meal. One could argue it’s much more fungible than a gold coin which you can’t split up.

Finally it’s quite flexible. If you go and have 20 rolls in your backpack, theres no limit what you might be able to by with your toilet paper.

It has many uses – you can wrap a sandwich. It’s a nest for birds. Girlfriend giving you sass? Hit her in the head with a roll.

Forget special drawing rights and bitcoin, I think this crisis has forced us to stumble upon the solution. Toilet paper can be a global currency (except in thailand and france where they use bum guns and bidets).