The Covid virus bailout, the kung flu chew as it’s known, is horribly discriminatory against single people.

A single person is slated to get $1200

A married family with two children will get $3,400

Even worse, an illegal alien who climbs the border fence 8 months pregnant and spits out a  frijolo, do they get the $500 bucks payola for their child as well? They THINK that qualifies them as us citizens (IT DOESNT).

How about making it $2000 dollars to EVERY HOUSEHOLD. That’s much more fair. But they won’t do that.

And it goes beyond saying it should only go to people who submitted tax returns. But they don’t say that either.

China has no Covid deaths and now JAPAN is declaring that the virus has magically skipped their country. Is it the Bowing defense or something more sinister.

Rumor has it that they don’t want the olympics canceled. So they are under-reporting. Who would travel to go to the olympics under these conditions? Maybe only other japanese. Still it’s a big loss to Japan if it’s canceled.

One also has to ask in the USA if we HAVE new drug therapies, why are people still dying.

I went to the grocery with my full on rubber face dual p100 respirator mask. some people wore dinky masks. Amateurs. I thought I was doing well until my cashier coughed all over my food. great. that’s just great. well I stick to sealed food anyways. if it isnt covered in plastic forgetit.

Finally one positive thought – Corona 2020 = Baby Boom 2021 ;*> Gotta do somethin stuck at home.