Something has gone horribly wrong with dating.  For some reason girls who are no better than a 2 out of 10 are acting like they are made of solid gold.  The huge numbers of divorces mean more men are in the dating pool than ever. The rise of internet data means women can spend hours on their phones getting ego stroked all hours of the day.

Add to that divorce rape courts (thats where they take all the mens money forever and give it to wretched women) and men are saying enough. Women aren’t even worth a quickie.

Part of the problem is that dating and falling in love needs to happen when we are fresh and new to the world. Women from 16 to 24. Thats the time.  With strong prejudice towards 16 to 18.  But somehow women got this odd notion that it was better to fuck their way through college (hence why they go into massive debts on huge useless degrees of studies like female studies) it’s basically sport fucking and being goddesses for four years. They are abusing MENS basic hunt for a wife. So the man seeking his life long mate treats women like godesses and with love while the women sneer and cackle. By the time this four year party is over, files are zooming out of their nether regions, their brains are full of attitude, and they are basically broken from their ability to fall in love and pair bond. Not to mention the abortions they had which wrecks them from being able to have births.

So these broken women, high on their own effluvia, now transition to men for ropa dopa – take their assets however they can. They have no capability for love whatsoever. They begin to switch from the “bad boys” to the docile betas. The goal? marriage, 1 child no more, and then divorce rape replete with alimony and child support. They only have to do it once and they are set up for life.

It’s a horrible state. Do women care? No they don’t they are loving it. Until they hit 35 and find they are alone for the rest of their life.

Something has to be done. One first step would be to end the divorce rapes. But also, women should avail themselves to older more established men at the age of 16 when they are still fresh flowers and able to fall in love. the men given a few more years to establish their careers can come back and pick this creme of the crop women who haven’t gone fat (fat girls at 16 never used to see that).

But no, this is not accepted by our society.  Women are children and have to be protected as such until age 50 it seems.

What can be done? Things have to get much worse before women wake up and realize that being whores through their 20s they are throwing their lives away. But try telling that to a 20 year old. Eventually we can hope that at least some of them wake up, but as long as the divorce rape courts exist, only idiot men choose marriage.

In the end, things are going to have to get much worse, with more and more men chosing MGTOW than women. We will have lost three generations of children to this madness.