Cartoon - Pigs Eating Money

United just annouced it needed FIFTY BILLION or it would begin laying off people. screw United.

The last financial crisis we bailed out the banks and corporations and they all got millions dollar bonuses and retirement plans. Never again.

And the bailout of 1,200 for single people but 2,400 for a married couple PLUS 500 per kid is absolutely ridiculous. It should be $2000 per household period. Nothing for kids.

And it should keep being paid every month that this shutdown goes on. PLUS if you lost your job you get basic unemployment, which should be extended from six months to one year.

Meanwhile the DIMS not only want to bailout corporations, they want obamacare funding, solar panel rebates, and camel testicle checks. Ok I made up the last one but you get the point – utterly ridiculous.

Both parties are pushing corporate bailouts. This needs to end.  Loans (and NOT zero interest loans, let them pay 22% like Americans have to on credit cards) is all corporations should get. What about small business? Do they get bailouts as well? Nope only the fatcats. Maybe the fatties need to go on a diet.

We watched the 23 TRILLION in bailouts to bankers – YES 23 TRILLION. Goldman sachs got themselves declared a bank for no apparent reason, got 100 billion, deposited it at the fed window, and scammed about 30 billion a year, year after year, until finally they felt guilty at all the free money.

Never again is my motto, NEVER EVER AGAIN.