It’s no secret that nearly ALL fast food commercials are for blacks. Salad? Do blacks know about salad?

Hood fries.    Nickel Pounders (thats a quarter pounder with a quarter real meat, rest is beans n shit)

They got mexican there too!  Chicken burrito breakfast wraps with chipotle. Black Macs. thats the two super skinny patties with bread in between them. see theys smart, each patty is only 1/16th a pound of meat. but it looks like a full sandwich.

Of course Taco Bell got’s em all beat. They use “meat product” which never got near a cow in its life. err.. was it alive?

And of course there’s Pop-eyes, KFC, and Christian Chicken, closed on sundays. Me I go for a Homies spicy chicken sandwich. Homies is the best. You go in and they scream “Yo Homie wahchawant?”

When I was a kid they had SAMBOS but … I gues someone said that was wrong or somethin never told us why. but they were good pancakes, better than pancake hut or dennise’s.  If y’alls from someplace they say y’all then you got waffle hut. It’s not really any good but they are open late, which makes for hilarious gangs in da hood violence. One time I was there and a women swalled a foot long hot dog all in one gulp bun and all. Not sure where she got it from cause I’m pretty sure they only sell waffles there. Still it was memerable.

I was at the post office and this black lady was takin like Fuh-EVER and I mean FUH – EVAH demanding to know if her post office box was free now cause the guv-nuh said it was all free now. “No we’se federal mam, ya gotsa pay” well it was free comedy and I’m takin it in corona-chan week.

Near me they got a pita hut. It’s white people.  It’s ten bucks for one pita. let’s see them sell that at black hut.

Lately I got to croissant lady. I get two croissants and some scrambled egges she calls croque fritat or somethin. it’s $25 bucks.  but that includes two coffees. Yah not many riff raff in there.  When I was youger spendin more than four bucks for a meal seemed silly. now it’s 20 bucks 30 bucks flying ou tof my wallet. seems to do with that money printin. Now they gonna print 4 trillion more dollars and give to Boeing and such. Let’s hope the dimms and republothugs keep fightin, cause I can’t affor no fifty dollar breakfast.