Nope, there’s no citizenship test for the bailout dollars.

When invaders break into our country they immediately file a tax return. this might be counter intuitive. But as our nation QUASI doesn’t care that their children birthed here are not citizens, then they declare themselves eligable for the EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT. Did you notice Pelosi added MORE DOLLARS for that in her bill? Yep. It’s a illegal handout game.

How much do they get? About $7000 buckaroos, BUT they get to file for current year and TWO PRIOR YEARS. thats $21,000 for invade raping a nation. Not a bad gig if you have no morality whatsoever. and they don’t.

Now they will get for their invading family of six kids another $4,200 bucks

It pays to be an invader. And they aren’t even part of the refugee program!

Cuomo’s complaint.  Mario Cuomo, err wait thats the dad, err Governor Cuomo of New York is having a fit that 3.6 BILLION is not enough bailout cash for NY.  The Pelosi bill had proferred 20 billion. This is just looting on a massive scale. That rat shouldn’t get a dime. The US Army is running the hospitals, the mortuaries, the government is already paying for everything.

Maybe these Sanctuary for Invaders places are going broke and this bailout will cover their slush for another five years. We did it last time for California, but then we thought 400 MILLION was outrageous. this time it’s billions to pay the bills for invaders which have wrecked the economics of NY and California.

The thing is, how much did these agencies get BEFORE the bailout – 10 billion? And now it’s 400 BILLION? It’s really a slush fund to states to pay off their debts from hosting illegal aliens with goodies galore. So basically, they never get punished for doing so. Just like the last bailout, Cali got to pay off their huge fiscal mess and go right on pandering to the illegals no big whup. But it SHOULD be a big whup. Which is why these throw em barrels of billions is so damn frustrating – it just ensures another 20 yrs of this nonsense at which time of course social security fund will run dry and the nation ends.  think about that again. THE NATION ENDS.

Of course the real fatcat theft is coming from big corpa and the banks. In a ironic twist of fate, Casinos have been put on the bailout list, one corrupt mob giving to another. For the true swine, they will get billions upon billions in free money at no interest. For the small business you get a SBA loan at high interest that you have to PERSONALLY GUARANTEE. It’s utter rape but American’s are too dumb to know it. Spend that $1,200 wisely oh US person, you were just each raped for $500,000 dollars.