and lindsey graham freaks out that unemployment might be too generous

sick (see youtube movie below)

What’s happened is a bit hard to grasp. It’s certainly not reported on the news. Basically the total bailout from the FED central bank, and the Bill combined, is between 6 and 12 TRILLION DOLLARS, depending on how you slice it.

So they gave your household of 4 how much money? about $3,400 bucks. Thats pretty good right?

errr. not so fast. What’s 10T divided by 100 million households in America?


div              100,000,000

=  $100.000 per household

So they just TOOK AWAY $100,000 dollars, and then handed back $3,500. Single slubs like me only get $1,200.

Wait that’s just added to the national debt. No big wop. right? errr not so fast. The more dollars they issue increases M3 total currency deflating the value of the dollar. AKA inflation. Things are gonna cost more. It won’t matter to the fatcats cause they each got a few hundred million. But the little guy, the average worker, this is a screw job.

But PM, we had to do it cause cause the virus and death and stuff.

Don’t believe it.  If they really cared they’d give regular americans who run businesses the same zero interest loans they give the fatcats. Nope, sba loans also require you to PERSONALLY guarantee them out of your own money. Do the fatcats have to do that? Nope!

There’s also the worry that pushing our national debt to 30 TRILLION is going to start to suck up about 25% of our total budget just on INTEREST PAYMENTS. That’s a lot of wasted money.

It also hits your SOCIAL Security, which by inflation is going to be worth much less.

Well enjoy your 1,200 bucks.  That might buy a frozen pizza in ten years.