ahh we finally get to see the covid virus stimulus plan in all its glory. 350 Billion for Migrants (presumably to fight covid) and 10 Trillion issued directly for bankers (it’s to fight the virus right?) and let’s give the states a few 100 billion while we are at it, no it’s not to pay off their bankrupt balance sheets housing illegal aliens and giving them free lunches and dinners, free housing, and free health care, no it’s for the virus.

Things reached a crescendo when Cuomo demanded Trump give him 30,000 ventilators.

Hillary chimed in with her own personal Penache…

hillary first

More stories come out of NYC with politicos telling everyone it’s safe to come out for chinese new years festivals and mingle hug and stick you tongue down the throat of a newly returned infected Chine-ee.  Wait what? How did they have time to go to china, come back, and infect NYC if it’s the same day?

Ahh there’s the magic. Chinese new year in China is January 9th – January 25th. The NYC festival was February 12th. So all the Chinese that traveled went home and came back by the time American politicos were announcing it safe.  And this was after covid info was well out of the bag. It makes it hard to feel sorry for NYC but I still do.

Thomas Massie is protesting the huge slush fund today. In response Pelosie replied “It is all about the corona virus. It is all about the corona virus”

Which is of course a total lie.  The bill finally passed the house and was signed by Trump.

And none of this even covers the FED money printing so many buckets of money apparently there was a snafu where the paid buyers couldn’t keep up.  Imagine being unable to take in billions to pretend to sell so that Americans don’t realize we are just printing money.

Let’s talk a bit about the Thems and Us.  For THEMS, the fatcats, they get interest free loans for their companies. For US, we have to get SBA high interest loans, and PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THEM. Why? Because slaves are NEVER allowed to be free.

Once you understand that it all makes sense.