200101_abc_social_pope_hpMain_16x9_992Nein Nein! Screams the pope slapping the womans loving handshake away.  “Do not touch the pope!” screamed the thug body guards. “Tote Die Frau!” the enraged white ghost screamed over and over. “Nein Nein Nein!” like a hitlerian speech.  This is a holy man?

Wait, something always struck me as ODD about this. Did China send out infected OPERATIVES to try to infect KEY FIGURES across the world?

We know they did in fact send hundreds back to Italy and NYC for the Chinese New Years day celebrations where governors and politicos were saying to HUG a Chinese and Open Your Heart to Chinese people. One NYC politico even said there was no risk from Corona.

Was all this a very well coordinated attack? How many other cases can we find from that time when Chinese were slobbering over world leaders. I wonder.

Ahh Christmas, there is a season of the christ spirit in the air.

Oh Grumpy pope, why are you so grumpy?