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Bill Clinton Gives Hope To Africans

bill clinton

Bill Clinton may be sixty five years old, he may have a wife with a face like Boris Karloff, but there’s no denying the man’s still got it.

Recently on a visit to Uganda several women brought out children also named, ironically, Bill Clinton. Some are there from his visit to the country sixteen years earlier now all grown up. Bill hugs young Bill in front of Air Force Two and smiles.

In Uganda he is known simply as Mapera, shorthand for the french missionaries who they called Mon Pere – My father.

Shown here cradling a baby called “Bill Clinton” in his Arms on a recent visit, Clinton responded that these children were becoming more and more a frequent but happy diversion from life’s troubles.

Here Bill senior hugs Bill Crinton and Brill Cwinton from Malasia.

With so many people named Bill Clinton all over the world, it’s a wonder who will stand up the next time his name is called out.

“I’ve found my life calling” replied a modest Bill, “And it’s to spread our special kind of American generosity across the world”

When asked if he had any advice for Obama Clinton responded “Yah, tell him now that I’m collecting social security hands off MY lock box!”

But for many of us, Clinton is representative of a happier time, a more innocent time, when talks of the government running out of money were replaced by talks of “the lock box” and what to do with all the extra money we were supposed to have. So from all of us at the Patriot Mouse to you Mr. President, we say, more power to you.

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