OK this definitely wins best headline of the week. Thank god for the british for making us laugh. Boris has it now, and hes so pudgy you think that can’t be good. Now if only the cast of “Are You Being Served” would catch it. Nooo that’s too mean, just teasing. God what a horrible show. Now we have Downton Abbey which is also god aweful drek, and they’ve even wrecked Dr. Who.  The virus is not the issue, the lack of decent television is the issue. Soon the natives will get restless begging for star wars reruns of the clone wars.

So we got our 4 Trillion Bailout signed and you might get a few cents of that. I talked with a small business owner and they were like, how can I take out loan, no customers no can pay back!

An Indian man and I kept our social distance as we discussed traveling the world. I checked for eggs at the grocery. Still no eggs. “Go at 7am” said the Indian, they are all sold out by 7:15am. Well its good to know that someone’s getting eggs.

I’m signing up to Sponsor Turd Flinging Monkey show on saturday nights. It’s on D-Live. Because he has been kicked off more media places than Alex Jones. Which is precisely why I want to support him. He talks about MGTOW, the wretched state of Women in our country, and our national march to oblivion, which is much of what I talk about here. So check it out,  It starts at 9pm central 10pm eastern at https://dlive.tv/TFMonkey on saturday nights.  The often phlegmatic and urbane host often opines with besotted cat guests. But when the “tism spigot” [call in guests] rings, test not his equanimity! It’s only audio, but with such realism one could swear you could sense the petricor coming off his fur on spring mornings.

Not like there’s anythin else to do what are you going to do pay to watch Star Trek Picard? I think I accidentally paid 20 quid to watch Gina Carano wrestle Baby Yoda but after so many fritos I’m not really sure.

I think our deficit has just hit 28 Trillion. I predicted 10 years ago it would be the end of the world if it reached 19 Trillion.  Just how much are our interest payments on 28 Trillion? I know just having 300 bucks on the credit card is rough!