Yehp. That’s the new book. Hope you like it.

The democrats have pivoted to pure Marxist – underclass – victimhood – racial division as their mantra. And we know that philosophy well:

The Jews – Israel – 22 Million Dead

The Jews – Stalin – Ukraine and Russia – 80 Million Dead

Mao – China – 100 Million Dead

And our current examples of Venezuela.

America has acted to push a light form of socialism, but it’s getting worse. More and more money for handouts, scammers double dipping, working under the table, getting grants as care givers and babysitters. Welfare wasn’t meant to be a get rich scheme, but it’s funding upper middle class lives through abuse and graft.  And the people it has produced is the insane GIBSMEDAT culture. And another 50 million in caravans knocking on our fences trying to push them over to get on the gravy train.

For sure, we aren’t as horrific as England – giving multimillion dollar houses to Middle Eastern and Indian families with 12 children. For free.  We aren’t as insane as Germany, welcoming in 2 million black muslim invaders and giving them free housing, money, computers, video games, and then with all their leisure time they go out and rape 8 year old girls.

We aren’t yet as horrific as Sweden, where the pink waisted cucked males nod as bitchy female leaders talk about the need to suck the Negros balls and have their babies.

Well. What are we going to do. We have let in so MANY dysgenic people who are on the government dole one way or another, or simply own real estate that all these invaders prop the price up on, that the entire Democratic opposition party has changed from a pro Worker advocate to a DESTROY AMERICA DESTROY THE WORKERS fang toothed insanity party.

I call them the extinction party. Because IF we ever do follow their plans it will result in the extinction of our people – the free-est, brightest, most industriest peoples ever to form a nation. And that is a forever card, a truly shocking future that I cannot help but fight against.

  • p. Mouse