During most of history intelligent people became more prosperous than unintelligent people, and had more children who survived and reproduced. Intelligent people still tend to become more prosperous than unintelligent people, but they no longer have more children. Welfare checks enable extremely unintelligent women to give birth to future welfare recipients.

So it’s time to get a bit serious again and to stop talking corona virus.

I saw this excellent comment and thought it fairly nailed the issue.

This is what I call Dysgenics in a nutshell. It’s reverse Darwin, where the least fit survive to reproduce.

Sadly it’s the state of America for many decades now. We are going into reverse as a nation.

It’s not simply whose having the kids, it’s admitting MILLIONS of dysgenic peoples into our country each and every year.  Low IQ Indians, Government Quisling Chinese, and make a good taco Mexicans. Wait I love Mexicans. They do GREAT in their own culture. In Mexico. They are well adapted to work and thrive there. But put them into welfare-stato USA and they become kids filling up our schools, grannies crowding emergency rooms, and budget draining welfare suckers. All the worse due to anchor babies – the fake citizens that no one seems to call out.

How did this happen. Moreover, why do we stand for it?

We do not wish to appear Goshe. That’s it. Thats the reason for our entire economic collapse as a nation. It’s tough to be sanguine when one studies the situation clearly. We are hurling straight for the cliff like a freight train, all the charts show it.

It’s a population flip, when the dysgenics overturn the productive contributers in size. We are seemingly weeks away from that happening, it’s already happend in the birthing wards and schools. Does no one care or are they still trying to win brownie points for calling me a racist?

Moreover, what can be done. Do we do a Aaron Cleary sit back and enjoy the decline, try to laugh? We do need a new homeland. Sadly, we are the last one to fall there’s no where else to go.  Now that governments have machine guns and arial bombs, it’s hardly likely I can take them on from my small tent.

Welfare can never be turned off but it can be MODIFIED. Reward them for NOT HAVING CHILDREN with a bonus check. If they sign up for tube tying they get more. Instead we pay them MORE for each child. Madness. We also give them priority to get free housing the more kids they have. You think the black 15 year old high school girls don’t know that. Of course they do. they know they need to get up to 3 or 4 chillin before big moma throws em out if they want section 8.  And on it goes. Well its the crappiest of Europanic people as well, blacks aren’t the only ones on welfare they are simply the most egregious.

So why is the government so bad? Well because the billionaires are so bad.  Why are they so bad? They feel guilty over getting so rich so they push a destroy America policy. That’s nuts you say. IT IS I reply. and nothing changes.

So real change will happen when we form a THIRD political party and not before. Sure Trump spoke platitudes, then didn’t prosecute Hillary (remember Lock Her Up?) didn’t declcare anchor babies non citizens and didn’t really do much except spend ridiculously on an already fat stuffed military and then gloat on it 5000 times.

Population movements away from the Democratic strongholds is already well underway. We simply have to block the invaders from taking our empty seats AND have a census that doesn’t count illegal aliens – Another issue Trump caved on.

What about stopping Election fraud. Another issue trump caved on.

The Trump lesson for us, was even when the politico says ALL THE RIGHT THINGS they still betray us. There is no way to remain a demothug or a plutocrat after this.

And for the slightly older, retirement is impossible in America with no true property ownership – effective communsim, where the property taxes make you feel UTTERLY UNSECURE your whole life. And that’s precisely what they want.  Why can’t I buy free land in a town in this nation. Nowhere?  I think some barren desert scrub in west texas where your nearest neighbor is 20 miles off and hes a billy goat is about all this nation has to offer. ICK!

Not for me, I’m headin off to Mehico. I’d rather be with the productive beaners than the lazy ones.