One of the mistakes people make in looking at the genetic basis of IQ, behaviour, and psychopathology (violence) is they will cite a case where in one group they have a higher IQ but also higher psychopathology.  But this is poor genetics.  If you consider that races have different clusters of these factors. They are not cross-linked to the same gene.  So they can exist in variety. So we might have a group like Native Americans, who have slightly higher IQ than Hispanics but much higher psychopathology.  Or you might consider American blacks, who have europanic admixture in their genetics. They are higher IQ than african blacks (15 points) but still suffer from much higher rates of psychopathology.

So one argument goes, well it’s all genetic. If you put one race of people on an island, fast forward 300 years, they will probably end up looking much like their source nation. Liberia or Haiti are historical examples. We also have the mostly post Caucasian South Africa. South Africa and other AFrican nations – Zimbabwe, Congo – that threw out Europanics – given 100 years will descend pretty much back to the state when the Explorers found them.  Sewage systems break and never get fixed. In Guatemala in Antigua they have the collapsed spanish churches that the natives have no understanding how to fix.

If you accept this genetic fatalism, then the changing racial profile of America alarms you. Its doom. The end. And the immigrant invasion or breeding of dysgenics is not simply troublesome its a full on existential crisis.

There is evidence that supports this. There have been several twin studies where one was raised in a more affluent area, and in this case a black youth ended up still violent and disruptive and failed to learn much, regardless of the higher income level. Really the higher income merely shields these traits and makes them harder to see, but they are still there. So Affirmative action is not only wrong, its a wasted effort.

“We conclude that there is now strong evidence that virtually all individual psychological differences, when reliably measured, are moderately to substantially heritable.” – Genetic and environmental influences on human psychological differences,Journal of Neurobiology 54(1):4-45 · January 2003

Similary its a grab bag, being high IQ does not necessarily mean you are getting all positive genes:

Ashkenazi Jews are 40% more likely than ethnic Europeans to carry genes associated with schizophrenia and with bipolar disorder [Genome-wide association study of schizophrenia in Ashkenazi Jews, by F. Goes et al., American Journal of Medical Genetics, 2015]. Schizophrenia makes you paranoid about people and causes you see evidence agency and conspiracies everywhere. Bipolar disorder causes you to perceive the world in a very negative way and fixate on the worst possible outcome.

In his new book, Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are, Plomin takes recent genetic research and draws some provocative conclusions

Plomin believes that Freud sent society looking in the wrong place for answers to the question of what makes us as we are. The key to personality traits does not lie in how you were treated by your parents, but rather in what you inherited biologically from them: namely, the genes in your DNA.

He finds that genetic heritability accounts for 50% of the psychological differences between us, from personality to mental abilities. But that leaves 50% that should be accounted for by the environment. However, Plomin argues, research shows that most of that 50% is not attributable to the type of environmental influences that can be planned for or readily affected.

And this is where epi-genetics comes into play.  In countries which had severely malnourished children, IQs will rise given the right diet and supplements. But never above their genetic threshold.

Similarly, blacks, who are higher in psychopathology than any other race, given strong parental structure and well organized controlled education, they too will rise, but only to the peak of their genetic threshold. This will be well above the mean, but probably only low-average compared to Europanics.

Does this mean it’s a doom sentence to be born into a dysgenic race? Hardly. There are so many traits which some races will excel.  Jazz music for example is chock full of black pioneers in music. Rocket scientists? Not so much (and no – hidden figures is a myth, read our article on that non-sense here).

However, when planning for populations, you cannot consider the outliers and begin to look at things from a mean. We know that city by city, once they become more than 50% Non-Europanic (unless it has a large asian component) it descends into poverty and violence just like the races exhibit globally.

Asians are a somewhat complex race group and also not always a positive.  They tend to be conforming and non-inventive. Smarter than average Europanics perhaps only because so many Europanics are coddled and don’t study. Which would be unthinkable in most Asian households. Studying and solving problems is another way to extend the genetic threshold of IQ, literally strengthening and growing connections in the brain. If you don’t do it, you end up dumb as a rock.

However, that doesn’t mean that a city that was 100% asian would be ideal either. Sure it may be low crime, but it would probably stagnate and cease having babies our of sheer boredom and introvertedness.

So an ideal society is probably a bit more Brave New World than Master Race. You do need the laborers, factory workers, social workers, garbage men, as well as the inventors and entrepreneurs and even the slimy financial class to get it all working. Am I build to plow the fields? Probably not.

But Dysgenics means you have affronted natural selection. Take eye glasses. No longer are people with poor vision weeded out, so we are dependent on glasses. With welfare, no longer are those who can’t earn enough to feed themselves weeded out.  Dysgenics effects many many traits and only in competition will it end.

After a war when you lose and are mostly wiped out of your best men (post WWII Germany) you will see the rise of … for better words … “girly-men” and weak peoples and eventually Angela Merkel is the best leader they can produce. This is dysgenics. Slavery also had a large dysgenic effect on blacks, as the rebellious and strong were weeded out, and the more simpleton were kept to work the fields. This may explain why Africans who come from Africa to the USA exhibit strong entrepreneurship while many native Blacks seem more like children needing parents. But we can’t say that because that’s RACIST (aka we understand racial differences. Who isn’t racist except a dimwitted fool?)

What of the argument that it’s welfare and feminism that has wrecked society and certain groups.  The answer is tha’s true as well.  Welfare has ruined our society especially women who now marry the government. Choosing a good mate is no longer required, they can party through their 30s and not worry. That’s the dysgenic effect of welfare that most don’t think of.

So these are not either or beliefs. They are both multi-factorial contributing factors to the destruction of our society. Which is more important is debatable, but it doesn’t change the fact that we need to make progress on both fronts. Sadly we are doing all of this at breakneck speed hurtling to our doom. what to take on first? We have to take on all if it. Or just leave and watch the starving multitudes eat each other from afar.

Section 8 housing is particularly deplorable. There should be a lower standard of housing for the poor. In England, its much worse, muslim families of 12 get full on victorian mansions to live in. We aren’t quite that stupid in the USA. But nearly.

Why fight at all if we are doomed? One answer is Sweden and France. The hope is that if we SEE these nations collapse in 15 years there might be time to hard brake and make the big changes.  It’s a hopeful thought, better than knowing the money runs out in 2035. Italy with its no babies is also growing old and dying off.

Ultimately reducing welfare and making it truly miserable, with punishments not rewards for having children, and rewards for not having children (the 180 from what we do now), changing the class of housing you get, and suddenly being a welfare momma with 12 chillin isn’t as good looking a deal.

Education reform where we can allow our gifted children to go at full pace and not be held back to the dumb mean or distruptive classrooms will also be a big leap forward and there’s no reason to not do this.

Divorce reform and ending the raping of men would let men back into the marriage market.

And finally genetic reform, the most controversial, where we try to return to a historical productive america which was 90% Europanic, should be a basis for our policies as a nation.  If we are replaced by people from Haiti, then we will become Haiti. If we are replaced by people from the middle east or Africa, we will end up looking like those places.

There are no easy answers.  Probably the shifts required will never happen. Things will get worse and worse.  Our only salvation is that other nations are ahead of us in their collapse. We might wake up. But change wouldn’t happen without a third political party in America, the two we have now don’t care about these issues whatsoever, regardless of broken Trump campaign platitudes.