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PM: MI! Dear god you look tattered and ragged!

HM: You dono the half of it!

PM: We heard you were in Beijing Quarantine Center. We feared the worst. How is it looking in China

HM: Is bad. Quarantine center? More like death center. They shoot you and no more death from virus!

PM: What? Why would they do that I heard cases are down…

HM: China change the rules. That typical way. “going forward patients who tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed.”

PM: whaaa?

HM: And it gets worse. “going forward patients who are found dead will no longer be considered caused by virus if there is another explanation

PM: wait you aren’t saying

HM: Me saying ME SAYING. They shoot you now, throw you in fire box. Wuhan look like Auschwitz Crematorium 6. Air so black everyone caughing now.  But no deaths from Virus anymore.

PM: so the “other explanation?”

HM: Bullet to head. Quick, cheap, and no virus involved.  I was coughin from all the dead human smoke and they grabbed me off the street took me to “hospital” but it’s not like any hospital you have ever seen. Bars on windows and doors. No way escape.

PM: How did you get out?

HM: Bribed guards. Told them I send aids meds from USA. I was going to send it but .. they all dead now.

PM: And what about Beijing? whats the situation on the ground?

HM: IT now every city. Wuhan, Hunan, Beijin, ShangHai, ShenZen, GuangDong, and Long Dong. No escape. Everything shut down. Soon the yellow smoke begins to spiral up into the sky forming one big sulpher cloud over city. Smell like liquid puke floating in sky, very bad.

PM: Will china continue to be economic powerhouse? Already American companies have had enough and are pulling out. But still it’s only 1,000 dead

HM: Only one thousand dead from virus. Over one million dead in hospitals from “other”

PM: Whats it like in Wuhan?

HM: Wuhan ghost town but now people take of mask and go back outside. They ready to die. They laugh a lot and cry a lot. All over people just crazy in the head. One man tried to stab me with a fish. I said HEY Why you stab me with fish. I have a fish? he replied? Things bad, people brain snap like long bean.

PM: Will it spread? Do you think it can be contained?

HM: Next everyone follow me and run for America. Only America have drugs and treatment to survive.  Drive to bangkok then fly to mexico, try to cross border with coyotes.  Soon coyotes will die. Then Mexico will be doomed.  But for now, it’s rich chinese only hope.

PM: That’s terrible, so what about this story that it was gene spliced with HIV?

HM: They get from dumb canadians, then they edit genes and test on monkies. They say it was seafood market but it was lab scientists who go to lunch there who spread it first. They sold old used up lab monkies and bats to market. All infected with Corona. People eat it think Oh I got sick from market. Market got from lab. It perfect death machine – two weeks no symptoms then you cough for two weeks then die. spread like crazy.

PM: But they say ZI is taking strict measures. He has it under control.

HM: Yah, they weld people’s doors shut so they starve to death inside houses. Soon they just shoot everyone who is sick, no foreign journalizst no HO, no one to see. But burning a million bodies takes lots of kerosine. So now price of gas in China go through (cough cough) roof.

PM: Wait a second, how long ago did you leave China?

HM: Two <chough> Weeks <cough cough>  Why?

PM: <runs from room   f*ck sh*t sh*t!>