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I always wondered what it was like to be one of the “beautiful people” said Tammy Rae. Two years later and over ten plastic surgery procedures she was reborn. “My name is Portia now, and I’ve been divorced twice”

“Divorced twice? that’s terrible!”

“No it’s great. I get $18,000 a month in alimony from my two exes, I never have to work again, I have a huge house fully paid for and a sports car. It’s all through the miracle of divorce.”

Apparently Portia is far from done. She’s going out with a third man who knows little of her past and they are close to getting married.

“He thinks I’m a virgin. He’s into computer games. I pretend I like them too! To him, I’m the perfect woman!” said Portia smiling knowingly.

Chad has already moved into her large house and the couple is happy. They have two large german shepherd dogs and three cats.

“Will the be children in your future?” we asked. “Oh heck no, well maybe my next boyfriend!” laughed Portia.

We tracked down one of Portia’s ex husbands who now has to live out of his car to afford his $6,000 a month alimony payment. “At the time I was making good money but since then I’ve lost that job and I have to work three jobs just to afford living in my car. It’s hard. And things wont get better ever.”

It’s a sad ending for a few happy years.  But it’s growing more common in the USA with the divorce courts packed with feminist judges who often make outlandish settlements in favor of the women.

In 1961, when there were 23,514,000 married couple families with children under 18, the total population of the United States was 183,691,481. So, there was one married couple with kids for every 7.8 people in the country.

In 2017, when there were 23,651,000 married couples with children under 18, the total population of the United States was 325,719,178. So, there was one married couple with kids for every 13.77 people in the country.

Marriage rates are plummeting as word gets out that it’s a one way trip to slavery for males. All thanks to the new gynocracy. And while American Europanic population drops, Africans are breeding like rabbits both inside America and back home in Africa. But that’s not enough to brown our nation fast enough, so they force five million non-europanic low iq high violence people into the USA every year.

Now what’s interesting is, the women WELCOME them as the children THEY NEVER HAD. Their instinct, to raise children gets soo off kilter that somehow they start seeing young black men as children to raise and protect, and then later to have sex with. It is the flip side of madness for women who chose to remain sterile and not reproduce.

Because of this our nation is on target to die by 2050. Yes die. Yes, die. There is not enough europanic working class to be tax slaves to support the huge hordes of non-productive people who want to live on handouts and welfare.  And we will be at the absolute end of our debt rope, the nation will not be able to borrow FOUR TRILLION a year to pay to raise degenerate third world people.  So what is the Democrat’s plan then? What is it? Hara Kiri?  Machine guns? What is their plan? Well, they have no plan, they are all MADMEN.

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