Regardless of all the modern day diversity brainwashing like the phony Tuskegee “Red Tails” black fighter pilot tall tales,* few blacks actually took part in any real WWII combat. Mostly they loaded deuce and a half trucks in the “Red Ball express.” A few did man artillery battalions closely commanded by White officers because it was too dangerous to let them do any targeting. (INCOG)

“Liberation” brought a horde of negro rapists to France


Freedom isn’t free. For France, the price of liberation was paid by its women as a horde of raping negroes was unleashed upon the land, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Here is what we know for certain. Between 14 June 1944 and 19 June 1945, the American army judged 68 case of ordinary rape involving 75 victims, 3 (4 %) of whom were refugees…. In total, 139 soldiers were present on the scenes of the crimes – 117 (84 %) of them were black and 22 (16 %) were white. The army judged 116 of these soldiers, 94 (81 %) black and 22 (19 %) white. The prosecution used some of the soldiers who were not sentenced as witnesses against the accused. One of the most important revelations concerned the military identity of the rapists.

Of course the Russian Hoardes savagely raped across Poland and Germany as they invaded Europe. Why did America ever think that these non-white commies were the same as western males? It was the Germans and the White American soldiers who did not rape.

When Americans completed the surrender of Montpellier they waited before entering the city and instead sent in the Goums to pillage and rape the women. It was one of the most disgusting acts of WWII. Americans weren’t saints, they just didn’t have the stomach to do the raping themselves.

Apparently the Moroccan propensity to rape was generally accepted as fact. General George F. Patton, Jr., *War as I Knew It*, wrote (p. 71): “One funny thing happened in connection with the Moroccan troops,. A Sicilian came to me and said he had a complaint to make about the conduct of the Moroccans, or Goums, as they are called. He said he well knew that all Goums were thieves, also that they were murderers, and sometimes indulged in rape–these things he could understand and make allowances for, but when they came to his home, killed his rabbits, and then skinned them in the parlor, it was going too far.”

Not an Italian example, but perhaps relevant, was a report issued by the German police chief of Stuttgart in August 1945 in which he stated that local police had verified 1,198 cases of rape. The ages of the victims ranged from 14 to 74 and most of them “were attacked in their homes by turbaned Moroccans who broke down the doors in looting forays. Four of the women were killed by their attackers, and four others committed suicide. One of the victims was killed by her husband who then killed himself. [“Rape Story Dispute Grows in Stuttgart,” *New York Times*, August 11, 1945, p. 10]