What a twat. He continues to go on and on about the fact that some (he believes ALL!) people on unemployment will get more than they earn. How about the VAST MAJORITY who get unemployment who only get a TINY FRACTION of what they earn. He never talks about that because he’s a total ass-hat.

He also never talks about the HUNDRED BILLION dollar give aways for fat-cats and bankers. Well trillions for bankers. We made the same mistake twice, for shame.

It’s as if he’s running interference for the fat-cats by chiding the starving americans. For shame.

Also he doesn’t seem to care that unemployment boosted benefits only goes on for four months. Why did they limit that! Once you lose your job, you need help until you get back to work. With billions for fat-cats, this bill is a sham, an outrage, a horror.

Graham wants to shut down the wet markets in China, yet theres no evidence it came from the wetmarket, there is much more evidence that the virus came from the Wuhan virology lab.

So Graham is a evil idiot.  He has no remorse over giving billions to fat-cats. And thinks American’s don’t even deserve unemployment. ugh.