Update #2: Deaths are falling in Italy but new cases still climb.




UPDATE April 2, 2020

As predicted and HOPED Italy DID hit the magic number showing turnaround. But much less than we had hoped them to hit. It’s a slight bit down, but any down is a good down right?

Italy received more encouraging news on Thursday when the country’s Civil Protection Agency revealed that new cases and deaths continued to level off.  For Wednesday, Italy reported 4,668 new cases of COVID-19, and 760 new deaths. This brought Italy to a total of 115,242 cases and 13,915 deaths.

On the bright side, coffin makers find business booming.

“It’s a stellar year, the best we’ve had in decades!” said Laurencio Strontini. Papa told us stories of the Plague and how someday the good times would come.




This just out today, Italy may be cresting in it’s new case numbers. It’s not a decisive trend, But if we meet a level in the next three days which is their “Magic Number” which is about 3,200 new cases and 650 deaths it could signal the beginning of the end of the crisis.

America sadly is still on the upswing. Why was America hit so hard (and Italy). The answer – a flood of infected Chinese returning from Chinese new years spread it far and wide while China and the WHO were saying it’s not contagious. It was an intentional spread or severe deep levels of stupidity. Either one says China cannot be a on-par player on the world stage with the G7.  They should be kicked out of the WTO over this, but that will never happen. Instead politicos are licking their chops going – “see see you do need government”

That stats in America are frightening and far from hope and if I had to wager, we won’t be hitting our Easter relief. sigh.

no eggs. That’s great. That’s just great.  A stinky bum and no omelettes. That will be the memory of 2020.