crazio cortez

CrazioCortez:  We need the reparations! Black people and Brown Peoople are suffrin the MOST!

PM: Yes, uh errr, have you seen the map of Africa yet

CrazioCortez: Uf course I’ve seen Africa. My family comes from Africa. We are fighting to get the reparations for all Black and Brown people who have sufferened innumerable HARM from this virus

PM: Uhm… what exactly are you talking about?

CrazioCortez: Just look at grocery stores in White neighborhoods. Well organized lines, social distancing, masks. Then look at the black groceries. People jsut bunched up against each other no maskes nowhere that’s the reparations!

PM: Uh… could it just be that Black and Brown people are stupid when it comes to the virus?

Crazio: How dare you! How Dare you!


Crazio (storms off)

[Map of Africa Corona virus infections vs. World]


Blacks implement “social distancing” at Walmart…