Five Thousand Families Wait to Pick Up Ashes of Loved Ones in Wuhan

In Wuhan, the quarantine has been lifted enough so that families can pick up the ashes of loved ones and have burials.

Chinese media chaishin sent an interview to a truck driver who carried the ashes to the Hankou funeral last week. He said that there were more than 5,000 ashes delivered two days on the 25th and 26th.

In addition, in the photo exported by Chaishin, the number of ashes piled up on the floor of a funeral home reached 3,500.

According to a report by the Chinese government, 2,535 people died in Wuhan from Corona Covid-19 after the first infection occurred at the end of last. Something stinks and it ain’t the moldy bats of Wuhan. Just these two funary deliveries total almost 10,000 and there’s even worse data:

A Chinese speaking vlogger translated Chinese mobile telecom sites which show their number of subscribers. They are down EIGHT MILLION since the virus started. Either people are out of money from the quarantine, but most likely DEAD. Because in a quarantine, that cell phone is your lifeblood connection to the world.