She looked great on tinder. Had a nice bootay, looked young. So John swiped RIGHT and set up a nice dinner date. He got out his fancy clothes and groomed his hair, put on the good cologne. But when Vanessa arrived at his door – WHOA WHAT! WHO LET THE SASQUATCH OUT!

Yep. It’s been happening more and more. The new beauty AI programs have gotten better and can turn Sasquatch-Sue into Fetchin Vanessin.  So on sites like HookupsButWeAinHos.com and tinder the guys might not quite get what they think.

“My girl used this SLIMMING AI. she was about a size 6 on Tindruh. When she came to my door she was only 5′ one and weighed over 400 pounds”.

Its yet another confusing trend as Men begin to back away from these women vanity sites like Tinder and realize it’s just not worth it. They exist to stroke women’s egos into the stratosphere and leave men scrachin their heads and wondering if they should call in the Bigfoot hunters.