Spanish flu, the pandemic that killed 50 million, started in China as well. Live bat munching was alive and well in 1910.

“Spanish flu, the global pandemic that took the lives of more than 50 million people around the end of First World War, appears to have originated in China before spreading to the wider world via trainloads of Chinese labourers that passed through Canada en route to wartime Europe, according to new research by a Canadian historian.

Mark Humphries, a history professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, has identified China as the likely epicentre of the disease. He believes it spread to Canada with members of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC), young men recruited by the British government to replace able-bodied European workers who could then be sent to the front lines. The British shipped the Chinese replacement workers to Vancouver before sending them by rail across the country to Halifax, and then to Europe.”

OUPH did Britain make a big mistake. Same mistake the Italians did in allowing in 100,000 Chinese coolies as sweatshop labor.

Same mistake as NYC letting back in Chinese workers returning from China from Chinese New Years celebrations.

Time to learn my friends, time to learn. Only a fool repeats the mistakes of history THRICE.