patient 0

Stating that the source of the corona outbreak was the chinese live bat wetmarket is chinese propaganda and it’s pushed on the American news ENDLESSLY. Why? Because the truth is it came out of the virus lab in Wuhan where they genetically altered viruses in their biowarfare research.  After smuggling (quasi-legally) sending viruses back from Canada from their Chinese virology mole and her chinese funded team, as well as collecting viruses from bats using American funded research dollars, the Chinese have been assembling an arsenol of new deadly viruses.

Did they release it intentionally or did they just goof. Considering what f-k ups the Chinese are, most likely its sheer stupidity that it got out.

The bat which is the source for the virus is not even sold in the wet market, nor can it be found within 1000 miles of there.

So don’t believe the cover story. The missing dead chinese researcher is most likely patient 0. And she worked at the biowarfare lab in wuhan.

But the sadder thing is that even if the truth were to be known, and the whole world demanded that the Chinese close all their virus biowarfare labs, the Chinese would simply refuse. And to that end the Chinese need to be cut off from the rest of the civilized world, BANISHED from all trade until a free nation emerges and not their enslaved society which is an enslaver of its people. Wait, the USA is pretty much the same now. God that’s depressing.