the sun will rise again

“the worst disease
of mankind has arisen from the struggle against diseases, and
apparent remedies have in the long run brought about worse
conditions than those which it was intended to remove by their
use” – Nietzsche, Dawn


We have to keep our lifes in perspective. Minor setbacks may seem like the day ending. Instead focus on the dawn.  The cycles that govern us will return.  A life that seems broken or hopeless will become miserable. Instead focus on the renewing aspect of nature. You are part of nature. You will be renewed as well.

Never be afraid to challenge the customs which are chains that bind us.

20. We must make up for a good deal of the calumny with which men have covered
all those who have, by their actions, broken away from the
authority of some custom—they are generally called criminals.
Every one who has hitherto overthrown a law of established
morality has always at first been considered as a wicked man:
but when it was afterwards found impossible to re-establish the
law, and people gradually became accustomed to the change,
the epithet was changed by slow degrees. History deals almost
exclusively with these wicked men, who later on came to be
recognised as good men. – Dawn, Nietzsche

Bending society to our will is the first act of freedom.

shall have acquired a knowledge of all things will he be able to
know himself. For things are but the boundaries of man.

But to know your boundary you have to test them and this is the practice of living. To learn who you are you have to exceed your conception of who you are as defined by the thrown-ness society has propelled you onto your path and the currents are strong. To step even slightly outside that path is a herculean task. Are you up for it or are you a drudge, a cube slave, a simp?

Awakening and becoming, creating, exceeding and amazing, these are the activities of the free’d man.

50. Humanity owes no small part of its evils to these fantastic
enthusiasts; for they are the insatiable sowers of the weed of
discontent with one’s self and one’s neighbour, of contempt
for the world and the age, and, above all, of world-lassitude.
An entire hell of criminals could not, perhaps, bring about
such unfortunate and far-reaching consequences, such heavy and
disquieting effects that corrupt earth and sky, as are brought about
by that “noble” little community of unbridled, fantastic, halfmad people—of geniuses, too—who cannot control themselves

It is as shakespeare warns us – madness in great ones must not unwatched go. The world-lassitude is a heavy concept. That is the steady state of the spiteful mutant.  scruffing under their breath, a dense torpor, lacking in energy and effect. At a loss to understand that there is more. It is the coffee drinker at the chain wasting time and money, then harrassing a conservative because they are mind controlled by fake news programs they don’t understand. This global lassitude is a heavy thing. A hush on civilization. A nation grown weary. Can we stand much more?

And the true madmen creators are so isolated and alone. Where does the courage come from to plow forward amidst so much derision and contrition and abject hatred? This is the plight of the genius. He works not for himself but for the work. The work must get done. Society must move forward. And it is a very few number of great men who make it happen. If you are that man, and you walk away, so much is lost. Whole centuries can be lost, millions to billions can be enshackled by corrupt governments. For the few free’d men, the burden to continue the path of progress is a lengthy weight on our psyche.  But for the rising crowds of dejected low-brained savages who eat societies, this man is the enemy. Pulling him back into the bucket of crabs – no one can be allowed to escape.

So we follow the slave rules dutifully. grammar school then high school all wasted time. College all wasted time. Climbing the corporate ladder. dating and seeking love all wasted time. marriage and divorce rape all wasted time. If a man is lucky he wakes up freed at 50 and still has ten years left to accomplish something for himself. Most men are not so lucky.

50. Furthermore,
these enthusiasts bring their entire strength to bear on the task
of imbuing mankind with belief in inebriation as in life itself

Is it any wonder that most are failures, pod people, in light of this? Give to it to the point of inebriation in life itself.

Living outside of lifes rules….

61. Those earnest, able, and just men of
profound feelings, who are still Christians at heart, owe it to
themselves to make one attempt to live for a certain space of
time without Christianity! they owe it to their faith that they
[063] should thus for once take up their abode “in the wilderness”—if
for no other reason than that of being able to pronounce on the
question as to whether Christianity is needful. So far, however,
they have confined themselves to their own narrow domain and
insulted every one who happened to be outside of it

Not just christianity, but all the constraints and shackles of society should be tested. The free’d life demands it.

THE BROKEN-HEARTED ONES.—Christianity has the instinct of a
hunter for finding out all those who may by hook or by crook
be driven to despair—only a very small number of men can be
brought to this despair. Christianity lies in wait for such as those,
and pursues them.

Christianity has been replaced by government. and Government has driven man into despair. Communism does this the fastest. Our American vice nearly as fast. It is the treadmill, a system that forces us to run until our heart gives out. There is no more security or safety. No more ownership of property, even that once you become sick gets taken away. The better path is to go on welfare and disability as soon as possible. It will never be taken away. That is the most secure life in new society.  There is a great joy to those in this path. They never create or contribute, it is a parasitic relationship. But they get the hot chics because for them life is fun and carefree. So the path of the creator the path of those who deny this slave path is so difficult as if to be impossible. It doesn’t have to be a choice of greatest suffering, but in comparison to the spiteful mutant, it is great suffering.  But ultimately, great joy one hopes. Hedonism never leads to peace. Only the job of creating our word anew.

You are pleurona when you have been plerouned, an empty thing filled up

But people today, are full of waste and vomit and spite.  The spiteful mutant is spirit wrecked with the empty void and unreality of kenoma. This emptyness which they do NOT acknowledge is what makes them spiteful.

The first step is to empty oneself and be open to the sacred, then you can be pleuroned with the sacred. And then no matter the state of the world, your life can be whole and powerful.