Ahh the feminist woman. It all starts out so good for them. Refusing to find a quality mate they simply move to pure vanity and delusion and ego-centric narcissism from age 16-35. Instead of doing the things that would lead to a secure life in a marriage, they seek security from their career, or government welfare. Black girls as young as 15 know that they have to pop out 3 chillin’ before high school ends to get on the section eight. That’s hard for them, so many need a lag year or two at moms with all the babies until their number is called. For the career women, things are similar except they get to live in a world of huge numbers of single men, some starting out, others broken and divorced. But the basic math is two to one, and even the heffer three hundred pounders seem rife with bloat and I don’t mean the fat, it’s their egos.

Hyper inflated from endless male attentions, as males are playing their standard game mostly, a bit of riding the clutch then finding and picking one for marriage. But unbeknownst to them, that is NOT what women are doing. Women are in it for sport now. Marriage? that might come at 35 when they are ready for it post ten abortions, and five venereal diseases that weren’t curable. Sadly the men have little clue the game has changed. If they find a fat, lazy and ugly enough one, she might settle for a younger marriage, almost instinctively knowing her days are numbered. But for most, its a grand party. It’s a world that seems in endless celebration of them. and then one day… kaputsky. They suddenly age rapidly, estrogen goes down and wrinkles go up. It has fueled an entire economy of plastic surgery and frog face creams to keep them in the game just one more year.

seven to one
If women are the “prize” why are they outnumbering Men 7-1

So as a male you really cannot imagine the life of these women. They don’t have to study in college, they major in ridiculously absurd or easy majors, and unlike before they are not looking for their Mrs degree, no the workforce has been FORCED by government to give them make work jobs often in salaries MUCH higher than men. I was always shocked when teams I worked on got taken over by young women who were DIRECTORS and VPs with little experience and paid quite well. They were always disasters and wrecked the place. Well their life is one of shopping, feeding their egos, more shopping, and strutting and preening. It’s a base behaviour except that it used to be to find a mate, now it has regressed into itself like a snake eating its own tail and struggling to digest not knowing why. Mobile slut apps serve merely to drive home that they are desireable and these women have no ability to decipher which are the men who want a relationship and which are Chads and Tyrones merely seeking to empty their loads for the evening. And it’s quite odd that they cannot tell the difference or seem to actually distance themselves from future bethrothed. In the back of their minds they know the partying life ends with babies and marriage. Why do that before 40? There’s still lotsa time.

College becomes a place to learn their skills and plow a few dozen men. But the post college decade fueled with enough money for a taxi to a fancy bar with cocktails and they take minus the tail home a lot of nights! It’s good for cads, but gets boring even for men eventually. All of this going strong right past 30 as women start to get burned out or preggars and have to slowly start dropping out, or some dive into careers if they have some progress there, and think not of the happy life as a loving mom they have passed up.

The next stage is the larval stage as women find themselves between 32 and 45 and begin to realize that they are all partied out. After sex with 500 men, it really becomes just going through the motions orgasm or no orgasm. They lose their ability to pair bond, and with the endless abortia they lose their ability to deliver non-downy children and we ain’t talking the laundry softener!

This is the confused stage for women. So they sign up for the marriage services, put on lotsa makeup, and make a desperate plee like a drowning victim likely to pull her saviour down under as well. Don’t be the man that falls into that trap. You need to seek out the rare plum, the 16-22 year old who can be swept out of the game before she is ruined from it. But it’s quite hard. If you start looking post college it’s aready too late. You literally would have to start introducing yourself to dads with prospects for their 15 year old. Like that’s likely to happen.

So now we come to the mid 40s and this is the desperation phase. But women, accustomed to a life of endless pandering and courting, seem a bit shocked when it slows down and the sideways eyes are coming from 70 year olds who think they might have a shot now.

In the desperation phase the one piece of advice for men is STAY AWAY this is not for you this is the used up refuse. And they will be quite clever in their depths to ensnare hapless betas. The smart inventive engineer entrepreenrus will stay far far away. They can only hope to snag a beta who has a boring cube slave job. Not to men in your forties, why do you put up with a boring cube slave job?

Finally it transitions to the chrysalis stage. Women get cats, too much plastic surgery, cakes of makeup, and walk fancy dogs. They find events to go to together like book clubs and wine nights and then as they truly age producing NOTHING for society that has coddled them and paid for them, they finally, if they have a shred of intellect, realize that the feminist dream is more like the feminist lie. But by then it’s far too late.

Men keep chasing the 19-30 year olds continuing to re-inforce the cycle endlessly. Neither gender escapes unscathed. But for some men, those who walk away at 40 or 50 if they are able to do so pre-divorce rape, have some years to truly enjoy life if their work to death national mind set doesn’t steal it all from them.