PM: HU MI! Congratulations on your new appointment to the chair of the Human Rights Council

HM: Haroo! Haroo! (to aide: No enough makeup!) Sowwy Sowwy

PM: So The Human rights council sure has changed since my day!

HM: We got all the human rights countries. Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Niger, Cuba. Venezuala comin on board soon.

PM: Uh, these countries don’t seem like they have such a good track record of human rights?

HM: No no China good. Saudis, ok they chop hands, chinese chop off penis. Same Same.

PM: But what about your detention camps where you oppress religious minorities and take their organs.

HM: Sure thing, we take away their rights. That what UN Rights council about no?

PM: It’s to PROTECT human rights, not destroy them!

HM: Wook Wook, What about Cuba ok? You think they different? What about Maduro, he gets on the council, he track record better than China? I don think so.

PM: they are all terrible how did this happen?

un hr council

HM: Twook watsa bribes. But China just print the money. Like USA corona bailout. We now run the UN. USA pay for everything, then we control it. It perfect dumpling.

PM: So what agenda have you planned? Climate change, global migration crisis?

HM: We propose liver database. Chinese ruin liver on snake rum. Need one million wivers. This will save countless lives!

PM: I guess….

HM: That not all! Wook Wook, China team with Venezuala to come up with jobs programs

PM: oh that sounds promising

HM: Yes, all our prisoners must earn their keep. Venezuala is the best at this making money off prisoners. We thought we good but they got half the country working for free. Cuba is leading on how to maintain reading and literacy programs

PM: Oh literacy?

HM: Yes, we Chinese have only 3 approved books, so its important that people know how to read them.

<sound of alarms>

HM: I have to go. Someone is protesting for freedom of speech.

PM: Oh I hope you help them right away!

HM:  Help? No EAT! Many tasty organs! (runs out the door)….