One of the things that happens when confronted with the thought that your nation is on a runaway freight train collision course to obliteration, is to realize that this has been going on for several decades. At some point you have to shrug off the seriousness of the battle and build productive lives. One of the important things is to keep your sense of humor and laughter.

Nietzsche has a few things to say on laughter. Nietzsche’s time was a similar time when mankind was repressed, for him, by a false Christian morality, the herd morality. It was a control mechanism that the powerful wrought and used to turn men into slaves.

This is most powerfully illustrated by Zarathustra’s vision near the start of part three in Thus Spake Zarathustra. Within this vision, following the first explicit presentation of eternal recurrence, to his great enemy the ‘Spirit of Gravity’, Zarathustra is confronted with a young shepherd into whose mouth a heavy black snake has entered and bitten into the shepherd’s throat.

Try as he might, Zarathustra cannot tug the snake from the agonized shepherd, so he urges him to bite off its head. The shepherd .. . bit as my cry had advised him; he bit with a good bite! He spat far away the snake‘s head — and sprang up. No longer a shepherd, no longer a man—a transformed being, surrounded with light, laughing.

Never yet on earth had any man laughed as he laughed! 0 my brothers, I heard a laughter that was no human laughter—and now a thirst consumes me, a longing that is never stilled. My longing for this laughter consumes me: oh how do I endure still to live! And how could I endure to die now!

Zarathustra cannot endure to die now because he has not yet laughed this extraordinary laughter. The urge to do so drives him on, and eventually, his consuming thirst is quenched, the real culmination of the book coming in the final four sections of the third part. Indeed, Zarathustra’s facing up to and finally embracing his most ‘abysmal thought’ – the eternal recurrence.

In a mindset of DOOM the eternal recurrance is a horrific death sentence. That this terrible path will repeat over and over.

But in mindset of YEA-saying to the universe, the eternal recurrance is an AFFIRMATION of standing against the universe and YELLING YOUR WILL against it. I AM ALIVE AND THIS IS MY WILL!

You can think of Schopenhauer ” Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung” The world as will and idea.  Embracing that the universe is a product of your will, and your ideas engender its existence, make manifest your spirit.

The rules exist to herd the lower man. They are told THOU SHALT and humble and kneel blindly following their masters and the roles that this current society permutation has given them. Heidegger called it THROWN-ness. You are cast into the Universe beset with the rules of the current permutation.

Are you willing to sell your ghost for the sake of some uniform standard?

But the rules are made to be bent and broken, crushed through by the exalted men. The rare person of will and strength who stands against the winds of the Universe and says I SHALT. And the greatest of men not only push society forward with their accomplishments but literally PUSH THE RULE FRAMEWORK of society forward as well. This is the ultimate trick of living. And this is what ultimately dispels the doom cycle. So while we stare at our eventual societal collapse, the new re-envisioning by these strong spirited people will take root. Seedlings. But quickly grow and devour with a new standard.

One can think of the early Christians against the Roman empire. The empire all powerful, kept killing them. They were heretics. But eventually the emperor Constantine asked, hmmm, what is it with these Christians that they seem to have such power of spirit? And then Christianity was embraced.

Right now we are a society reeling from a destructive list of concepts that seem to build upon each other – Universal College, No free land, Welfare, Feminism, Endless Immigration and racial replacement. We have become a non-society, simply an agglomeration of people stuck in a place with no other free-er land to leave to. Somehow we have to begin the difficult process of being free somehow somewhere someway. What that is no one can claim to know, but it will begin. It is the RESPONSE to the horror that has been pushed upon us by masters that have been too greedy.

Think of the USA in the 1750s. People fed up with Tyranny against the strongest army ever know – the British.  Should they have had any hope whatsoever of success? Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine and even Benjamin Franklin, The Sons of Liberty movement, all grew until eventually the landed gentry had to consider it all and make a decision. With everything to lose, they chose to shrug off tyranny.  That’s almost unthinkable today. But only when there are enough great men to act can society change. Unfortunately even the freedom that was fought for is now nearly stolen and our societies light of liberty extinguished. The elections are frauds, and our economics are those of enslavement. Who will do something? They have machine guns and atomic bombs, does human existence end in total slavery?

The Rise of the Spiteful Mutants is important to recognize, because unless we work against that we will get engulfed by them and conquered. Like Neo in the Matrix covered in goo. We lose the ability to speak or protest. We are swallowed whole.

At the end of part three, we discover that the young shepherd with the snake is Zarathustra himself.

” The great disgust at man-il choked me and had crept into my throat: and what the prophet prophesied: ‘It is all one, nothing is worth while, knowledge chokes’. . . . ‘Alas, man recurs eternally! The little man recurs eternally!’  had seen them both naked, the greatest man and the smallest man: all too similar to one another, even the greatest all too human! The greatest all too small!—that was my disgust at man! And eternal recurrence even for the smallest! that was my disgust at all existence!16 Eternal recurrence is such an ‘abysmal thought’ because, if everything eternally recurs, this includes that which is small in man, which Nietzsche so passionately loathes. ‘Nothing is worth while’ because the ideal of a future Obermensch, it seems, cannot be realized.

Confronted with this thought, Zarathustra is so sickened that he is unable to get up, eat or drink for seven days. So how is this sickness triumphed over: how may the snake‘s head be bitten off? The answer, as Zarathustra comes to realize, is to give the highest affirmation of life possible: to say a joyous Yes to life despite its negative side, despite its horrors and suffering.  

“And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

How do we fight these non-truths that society has adopted? “Not by wrath does one kill, but by laughter.” Ultimately when we all laugh at them in their faces at the PREPOSTERITY of their ideas, on that day our shackles break and we are freed. This is why the LEFT is so anti-humor and decries it all “hate speech” REE REE “hate speech!” like some besotted parrot.  When their tangled mess of ideas becomes so obviously ridiculous we will laugh and laugh each time they speak until they become red-faced. This is why the controlled news is so dangerous, they spew and spew without an audience, an immunity from the laughter and derision we would – as sane men and women – heap upon them.

We live in a time where the pill has engendered a new enslavement of man in marriage such that we simply laugh at it. Ridiculous. It’s like Harry Potter. RIDICULOUS and the phantom cannot survive.

The tricky part is this morass is all consuming all around us. New frontiers and bastions and bulwarks have yet to be built. “I’d like to buy some free land please” and they laugh at US – RIDICULOUS.  This just accepting it has to change. Buy a RV not a house. If we no longer can have free land then no land we shall have. Run off to an island. Stop playing by THEIR rules. Better rules and better rule-sets will take over, but not in our lifetime. It’s going to be a lot of general collapse and suffering. Like the fall of Czarist Russia.  We can”t stop living our life by our rules and our beliefs and wait for change. We simply must object and seek alternatives as much as they present themselves.

If the educational system is so bereft of real education, then again, RIDICULOUS. There’s no point in continuing to attend simply for that Harvard Stamp on our foreheads affirming we have somehow passed some now communist standard. RIDICULOUS.

If the women are not loving and giving and seeking children in their child years and instead want to come back at 35 after riding the male carousel for 20 years, RIDICULOUS.

If they want to import 100 million immigrants and throw the natives away, and then deliver us TAX bills on everything to pay for these unproductive Spiteful Mutants –  RIDICULOUS.

If they want to import 4 million Indians and Chinese with fake degrees to take the software engineer jobs – 100% replacement of our best and brightest. RIDICULOUS. It is designed to make us feel defeated. It is designed to break our wills. It is designed for the unproductive MBAs to cackle and feel superior as they throw their productive people away. Eventually it will have consequences.

If they re-write all our heroes as pregnant lesbian woke avengers RIDICULOUS. Don’t watch the movies or buy the comics. This is created to entertain the Spiteful Mutants, not us.

Like the movie Wargames, at some point the best move to play is not the play the game at all. At some point, pressure will build. There have to be alternatives. We can find them. Sadly the tax system America has declared, is now upon you no matter WHERE you live in the world. If that alone doesn’t tell you we are living under slavery nothing will.

In the end we are all too human. But that humanity is also our salvation. We are the inventors and we are the mindful creators. We have a joyous spirit and can laugh at the universe.  And each day, undefeated, we can YEA-say one word. ONWARD!

When I was a teen and young adult, life confused me. I thought I must be insane. And the girls and fiancees that I met all convinced me that there must be something terribly wrong with me. But when I grew older, I came to realize that nearly everyone else was insane, and I was the sane one in a world gone mad. It’s a sinking feeling. Not one of joy nor accomplishment. But, once you realize that, you are unstoppable. The others lose their power. And you realize yourself. And the spiteful mutants? They change. No longer monsters and terrors destroying your world, they become pitiable tragic creatures. And you walk away from worrying. We are in the throws of the Yugi-kalpa, the dark times. But it’s ever so odd that everyone pretends not to see it. Everything that is happening is a symptom of this crescendo growing louder and yet dumber and dumber people keep talking on the television telling us this is life as normal.  It is a cycle that must be completed there is no sense to try and stop it. The snake does not bother you any more. You realize it is ok that the overman is not reached, OK that the lowerman is still bound, OK in the face of recurrence. You are empowered in a world that is blind. Finally free, you chart your own path. A slow laughter pervades your soul.