This is one of those controversial “Racist” topics that gets lefty chicks who don’t wear bras (the only good thing about lefty chics, er at least for that year until they start to sag, you have to find those with the perky tangerines not the grapefruits or it will go south fast!). OK now that we’ve started off on an atrocious note, let’s get serious.

Let’s take a hypothetical race called the Loserheim. The Winnerheim are smarter and stronger than the Loserheim, but for a time, as long as they were separate, the Loserheim seemed to do quite well. Then one day they go to war.

All of Loserheim’s smartest and strongest and most alpha men end up dead. What’s left is the sniveling hiding cowards.  The industrious women simply declare their loyalty and love for Winnerheim men and quickly blend into the gene pool. So what’s left in Loserheim? Well the spiteful mutants basically.  Worse, the yoke of enslavement or subservience continues to weed out all the upshoots of tougher braver men. Over time all thats left is an exhausted race.


It reminds me of my apple tree and the texas heat. It did fine for several years, but one year it got god-aweful hot. The tree looked dead after. When spring came, only a few new shoots tried to poke out from the trunk and start anew, all the taller branches were dead.

That’s genetics. Now let’s take a look at some of the actual races and how they fit into this. After world war II Americans mostly returned home unscathed. The Japanese lost a lot of their strongest men, but not all. They would become a somewhat meak race thereafter which doesn’t resemble at all the Meiji and Shogunate eras. Now look at Germany. Germany was ravaged to the GROUND and BURNT DOWN. Dresden was firebombed and 200,000 innocent civilians were burnt to a crisp by the Americans. But even worse, after the war, all the german men who fought were rounded up and put into starvation cages (see the book on the front page – Hellstorm).  When wives tried to bring them food, they were pushed away. Morgantheu literally authorized the complete raping of Germany, removing all their farm and industrial equipment. It was a race utterly sacked and destroyed.

But yes, over a time German did rebuild. But not as fast as the Japanese. And the communist sector less so – breeding the LEAST and most SNIVELING and CONNIVING of men. That’s what communism forces you into. They get the rewards. Communism is the ultimate goal of all spiteful mutants. You might call them Democrats today. But the way it works is over time there is less and less spoils to feed off of and then things just get worse and worse until a fatigue sets into the population and everything just starts going really slow – they became pickled in the 1950s age. When the wall came down and Germany re-united east Germany was like a fun frolic to a museum. In east Prenzlauerberg (the east side of Berlin) they had these almost disney like crossing lamps with men in little hats. How quaint people thought, not realizing it was all evidence of a society destroyed.

The american indians, another loser in a war, similary went through decades of bloodshed constantly losing their fierce warriors. Finally the death march called the trail of tears was one final sorting.  Well at least Indians should technically be good at long marches. Their fighting spirit left them.  Their strongest alpha males gone, and welfare put upon them to destroy selective breeding processes that would have revived them, they are a half dead race. But still, strong shoots. The independent tribes and especially their casinos suddenly sprung up a strong race of entrepreneurs who become ever more financially savy and strong. But back on the reservations and welfare land, its a dismal doomsville.

Now let’s go to the source of Amerinds who still remain in south America and central America. Tough strong hard working industrious people. Lively with a strong spirit. There is NO WELFARE in their nations except perhaps some basic medical system. So they must produce to survive.  When the spanish left Guatemala their beautiful churches in Antigua collapsed from a huge earthquake. The Amerinds simply looked on unable to fathom how to reconstruct them. And that is how they remain today. They are a industrious people, but do not match the Europanics or East Asian in IQ and mathematics which are pre-requisites to perform the complex architecture and construction of a cathedral. Even KNOWING the original design, they were at a loss to repair them.

The american blacks were rousted and captured by stronger tribes. They were already at a disadvantage. Next the slave ships took another tool as those who fought back were thrown off the boat. Add to that a hundred years of killing and crushing the upstarts who fought back and you again get an exhausted race. Which again would have bounced back were it not for the welfare system ending all selective breeding.  Are there great black people. Of course. Many of my heroes are black. Thomas Sowell senior fellow at he Hoover institute at Stanford dispelled many of the myths blacks clung to. Musically there are too many to name. Nina Simone is enough to redeem the entire race. But sadly, the welfare system bred the worst of the lot becoming ever worser. Gangsterism, Thuggy-ism, accosted with an educational system that just looked the other way as it became ever more communist and ensuring equal outcomes for brainiacs and savages alike. The entire American education system is at this point utterly destroyed and any sane parent who leaves their child there should be charged with abuse. It’s where the commies nestle. A combined calcification of shitty single mothers who are too lazy to raise their own children and lazy women who want jobs to not teach.  But that is another story.

Occasionally I’ll meet an immigrant from Ethiopa. They are polite and erudite, and even bagging groceries seem to have that lost and dead american spirit of making something of themselves.  And with affirmative action, another death poison from the commies, many are getting back into regular life, even if it’s only a charade of working, get decent pay, and start to shake off the welfare root strangling them. But it’s not enough. The gene pool is so thoroughly wrecked their proclivity towards crime and rejection of learning and hard work (don’t even think Pioneer spirit here) is overwhelming. Until welfare reform happens it will remain so.

But even WITHOUT the slave trade Africa was behind.  African brains are smaller and lower IQ than Europanics. They lack the inventiveness. So do Asians. who can outperform Europanics on math.  Amerinds have higher IQs than Hispanics, but seem also to have much higher incidences of psychopathology. (see Richard Lynn’s seminole book, an excerpt of which can be read here

Once again the same pattern is repeated. When the colonial powers left Africa to allow them to set their own path, very quickly things began to break and fall into disrepair. In Liberia the British sewer systems broke and people began to relieve themselves on the beaches. Within a few years any hope of having a tourist trade to visit perfect gleaming white sands was gone forever. Some nations convert their UN and Global handout money to bring in teams of Europanics to work the OIL refineries and sewage systems. It works for a time. Eventually they will succumb to financial collapse and of their own means they will not be able to maintain them.

Eventually they will revert to what they are capable of due to their genetics. This uplifting is not only pointless but destructive.  Shipping them 50 million used American t-shirts every year destroyed their clothing industries. Shipping them 500 million tons of food every year destroys their incentives to farm. It’s welfare but called relief.  Worse, as they breed endlessly with R reproductive strategy (without regard for sustaining their children) they run out of resources. This is called drought and famine. Oh we must do something. Sadly we have done far too much. Better that we walk away.  Oh we must import refugees their nations are at war. Their nations are always at war and they bring that waring with them. We have to stop confusing NATURAL STATE from something that is “climate change” or temporary. Somalia no longer has a government and has descended into piratism, Congo nearly the same. There are genocidal extinction wars between the races. Well, you can’t claim Europanics are that much better, we are bitter war like savages shackled temporarily by the atomic bomb.  We have a bitter history of a 1000 years of warring among ourselves over petty differences.

So some of the mysteries of why some races have different strenghts and weaknesses in different areas isn’t so hard to ponder. Consider racial exhaustion in the genotype as a primary but penultimate consideration on top of the million years of evolution. The IQ genes do not necessarily map to the psychopathology genes do not map to the athletic sprinter genes or the ability to see in bright sunlight across vast lands covered in white snow (the blue eyes genes).  They are all different branches of the genome and can become increased or decreased by the environment. And the deadliest things in the environment are communism, feminism, and welfare.