New measures include repealing voter I.D. law and designating election day as a state holiday

It just got easier to vote in Virginia, as Governor Ralph Northam signed historic legislation to expand voting access on Sunday.

Among the laws passed under the governor include designating election day as a state holiday, repealing voter ID laws, and expanding early voting access. The laws aim to make the act of voting easy and accessible for all Virginians across the state.

What this means is that fake voting just got easy, and like California which just authorized ballot dumping, Virginia is now permanently Democrat.

It’s horrific. But when Trump asked California for access to examine the ballots they just said “no”.  No investigation into fraudulent voter roles will ever happen. Once a state is lost to the thugs, it’s gone forever.

In 2018, Republicans LOST all across Orange County which was their historical stronghold. It was Demothugs dropping pickup trucks of third party ballots off at the counting places. That WAS illegal until they changed it in 2018.  Now they can never ever be defeated.

Will anyone do anything as they state by state enact these same policies? One by one our states fall, we fall back and do nothing.

We’ve made too many compromises already. Too many retreats. They invade our states and we fall back. They assimilate entire states and we fall back.