I’m the BEST and Brightest Engineer to Percolate Your Java!

Trump to block immigrant visas, but NOT H-1B Visas. “We need the steady flow of low IQ fake degreed slag workers to throw our best and brightest in the street” said Trump in a news conference today.

What a total sellout.

By limiting his immigration measure to green cards, Trump was leaving untouched hundreds of thousands of foreign workers granted non-immigrant visas each year, including farm workers, health care workers and software programmers.


Please Join me in writing your senator to introduce legislation to BAN the H-1B visa during the crisis.  Find your senators on   Ted Cruz is

We’ve thrown away 4 Million Smart American Engineers – Replaced them with Slags and Shysters with Fake Degrees from India and China. There is no political will to change this, the handouts from silicon valley prevents this. It is outrageous. But as a minimum, and to bring attention to this horror, can you PLEASE introduce a bill to SUSPEND this H-1B visa including renewals until we are out of this crisis. India recently announced that it will STOP shipping Chloroquinine to the USA unless it extends visa. Outrageous!



The Indian government has asked the US to extend the validity of visas, including H-1B and other types of visas, held by Indian nationals who have been hit by the Covid-19-related economic slump, people familiar with developments said on Friday.

Foreign secretary Harsh Shringla took up the matter during his telephone conversation with US deputy secretary of state Stephen Biegun on Wednesday, when the two sides also discussed ways to enhance cooperation to counter the pandemic and ensure the availability of essential medicines [hydroxychloroquine] and equipment.

“We have been in touch with the US government, requesting them to extend the validity of visas of Indian nationals – H-1B and other types of visas – who are stranded in the US due to the pandemic,” said one of the people cited above, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We are closely monitoring related developments,” the person added, without giving details.

The demand is a tough sell for Trump, who has yet to implement his March 2016 promise to end the H-1B visa’s role as a cheap-labor program for many Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

Trump lied. He lied. He Lied. TRUMP FUCKING LIED. He continues to replace 350,000 American engineers each and every year with low IQ fake degreed savages from India.