EU Libya Migrants

In what is a disaster to liberals plans to negro-seed Europe to increase the violence and upheavals as a way to keep member states broke and in line, the Covid-19 virus is wreaking having on their plans for a fully negrofied Europe by 2030.

“These nations are disgustingly white” said UN refugee head M’Bethki Guaranda. ” the growing xenophobia is very dangerous.” replied refugee director Filippo Grandi.

Unless they can continue to force large ships full of violent negros from pakistan, sudan, and the congo back into lampedusa, malta, and lesbos island and continue to flood Europe with negros, the nations might remain majority white for another ten years.

“Dis, dis is a sad time” said M’Bethki, as more NGO ships were turned back this week. One ship off malta claimed the Maltese navy had cut their ships motor to prevent them from landing.

“We have come so far for the free welfare, that is our dream. To be turned back when so close… (tears and sobbing)” said one ship locked refugee.

Each refugee had all new clothes and several thousand dollars in their pocket to make the journey supplied by the Refugee relief foundations which are paid for by US and European tax dollars. Even their rubber boats were brand new costing upwards of $50,000 dollar each.

“They want us there to breed with de white women. White men no longer make babies” smiled one of the refugees.