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Bacon Wars Part II – The Illegal Alien Upheaval (UPDATED!)

Update 4/28/2020

Over the past few weeks, nearly a dozen large meat processing plants have closed their doors due to widespread coronavirus among employees. Thousands of workers have become infected and at the time of publication, at least 20 have died. As a result, President Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act and just signed an executive order keeping meat processing plants open during the coronavirus outbreak.


Bacon Wars – Part II

The bacon wars met an unexpected turn. as the feds issued guidelines for the corona virus with regard to meat packing, they sent inspectors to all the meat cutting plants. This scared the hell out of the armies of illegal aliens who do all the meat packing.  The plants refuse to pay the normal American wages, so without their cheap labor they just shut them down.

“We are waiting until our [illegal alien] workers feel confident to come back to work” said a US Meatpacking insider.

One more casualty for sellout american corporations. Here’s an idea, 26 million Americans are our of work, how about HIRING AMERICANS!

The actions by three major meat producers — Tyson Foods, JBS USA and Smithfield Foods — continued even after federal guidelines on social distancing and personal protective equipment were published March 9, according to 25 interviews with employees, elected officials, regional health officials, union leaders and federal safety inspectors as well as dozens of documents, including worker complaints filed with local and federal officials.


Because of outbreaks of the novel coronavirus, over the past several weeks Tyson, JBS and Smithfield have closed 15 plants, devastating rural communities and threatening the nation’s supply of beef and pork. Industry analysts say production is already down by at least 25 percent.

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