spiteWhat is a Spiteful Mutant?

It’s a complex formula that seems to include an abhorrence for real work, abusing the welfare system, and just plain genetic crap flowing through their veins.

It’s not as simple as racial stereotypes. Mexicans in Mexico tend to be hard working family oriented people.  That’s not the Mexican we get up here in gringo stupido land.

I’ve met many blacks from Africa who were hard working and even entrepreneurial.

A key ingredient seems to be welfare and other government handouts gone wrong.

For example, an illegal invader from Guatemala with 3 children? Well her children get recognized as “DACANS” and get in state tuition and in California will get free health care insurance, school lunches breakfasts and dinners even during summer vacation. But it’s worse than that. Let’s take this example deeper.

She also gets a “Earned Income Tax Credit” and can backfile for two years. That’s almost 20,000 dollars. She wasn’t HERE in the USA those 2 years but prove that?

Many will get free housing and monthly cash for children, especially any children who are born here are considered “citizens” by the deranged commies. They aren’t. But no one says they aren’t.  But they wouldn’t get that IF they had too much income from their husband. So their husband is never declared. They just illegally state they as.  a single woman. The husband works for cash in construction, mowin lawns, restaurant work, whatever they can find.  The welfare gets them a base equivalent salary to a hard working American earning $60,000 a year. PLUS they get the husbands income.

This lax morality is racial. Smaller lesser developed brains often completely lack a moral compass. Many nations in Africa have such limited language they don’t even have the words for a morality.  The pakistani filing bogus medicaid claims for a business, or taking an elderly bus from a nursing home then billing for 20,000 in tests on each of them… wham bam moneygram.

The thing is,  while it’s true that Europanics also can be criminals, you just don’t see this “lets scam and rape the country” except out of the banker/financial mba asshat class. Regular workin’ folk would never dream of doing such things.

Take a group of 500 Germans 500 Italians and 500 Irish and put them on welfare. Check back in six months later and they will all be gone, finding productive lives. So why can’t the other races do that? There are genetic components not just for IQ and Psychopathology, but most likely there are alleles for work ethic, determination, and striving.  Sure, if you get taught by your father to be self reliant you might pick up on it early on, but I never had that and I refused death-fare over and over and made something of myself from the poorest urchin. So why can’t blacks? So why not our Hispanic Invaders? Why does the Pakistani gather gangs to rape little girls? Welfare is a contributing factor to decline, but there is also the other side the susceptibility to accepting a life of sloth on the dole.

To be a spiteful mutant, you must also be spiteful. You hate the country that took you in. Sounds like a few of those congresswomen from muslim countries that faked being part of a family to get in.  Listen to them, they spew hate. It’s the Andrew Cuomo “America was never great” horror. Leftism, which is no more than communism and nutcases seeking total fascist control push this hating the nation which saved them endlessly. It’s the rhetoric of the day on television.

You can be a spiteful mutant even if you are in the upper half of society. Bitter college students scowl that the world seems to ignore them and “the man” keeps em down.  Its a whole psyche that’s destroyed with broken ideas that only lead to failure but are pushed on our poor children since birth. A misunderstanding of equality (Jefferson meant Not KINGS not all men are equal). A watered down commie drivel. A victim-hood identity. Left handed aqualung wearing Amerinds who dislike hopscotch. It doesn’t matter what it is, its a lie to set up a us vs. them society, and ultimately is drive by the upper level commies who want nothing more to bring down society so they can rule not as commies, but ABSOLUTELY (think STALIN then LENIN).

Even a native Europanic can be a spiteful mutant. The adult baby on disability in Seattle, the man in the pink skinny jeans at the coffee hut.  They confuse normal borders and rational population growth with a Zieg Heil Nazism which even Hitler never performed. Don’t get to close or they’ll throw coffee or a concrete milkshake on you and call you a Nazi or a Hater, lefty code for Patriot.

But we know all this. We have spiteful mutants among us. And soon, a majority of them. We have been slow sinking in quicksand and some dumbasses think just because our head is still above and can breath that all’s ok. It’s not. We’re about to go under, and plenty quick.

Spiteful mutants are spiteful because they lack cognitive ability. They are the lower herd, the mad masses.  They are zombies. They have had their midget minds twisted. they think there’s nothing wrong at all with ripping everything off cause “its all free in America” reminds me of the people who waited for “obama money” and to get their rent and student loans paid off. they are still waiting.

In terms of the races we know, some races seem to have much more psychopathology than others and lower IQ (see Richard Lynn’s seminal works). That shouldn’t shock you. When I was younger it was common thought that other races were backwards and needed help – we called it the white man’s burden.  Today that concept of being OUR burden has broken our nation, sent us into trillions in debt, and doomed our nation.

If you ARE a non-Europanic race, remember Europanics invented ALL of the modern world. All of it. The Chinee just stole the inventions. The Japanese just made them cheaper. But anything you can NAME was invented by Europanics. And some Jews. Who really, are mostly europanics with that Kazar legacy.  Is it racist to say the truth? In this world today, it is. But that begs the question if the truth is racism, then what the heck is racism?  But the point is, just because you are non-Europanic does not mean as an individual you are condemned. Even if you aren’t blessed with a high IQ, work ethic, inventive ethic, and normal pathological rates. You can still do your best and succeed quite well. It’s really the group means that are so abhorrent. wait, I can’t say that it’s racist. Unfortunately its very much the truth.

Calling someone WHITE is quite racist actually.  People of Europanic origen, aka Europanics is preferred. But no one cares what we want people to call us. Once you say “white” you have adopted a racist tone. We don’t call asians “yellows” and amerinds “reds” although we used to.  Blacks are still black, but they aren’t black any more. More like a pallow gray.  I’ve seen some real blacks from Africa and they aren’t what we have here. the Kamala Harris black worries me.  The kapernic black worries me. These diminutive genetically blacks with perhaps 10% blackhood seem to riot against and hate Europanics in an effort to be included in black world.  Why don’t they struggle to be recognize as whites? Because all the gibs go to blacks not whites. Free college, affirmitive action, just ask Elizabeth Warren she got into Harvard and made millions just for lying and declaring herself amerind.  Wish I had done that, but I could not, again, my MORAL COMPASS won’t let me which is why Warren is such a hated shrew by Europanics. But she’s loved by feminista women, which are the OTHER class of spiteful mutants.

The feminista women, often Europanic women, often CODDLED AND UTTERLY SPOILED through life, are often the most vile mutants of all. They have been sold a lie that will lead to their destruction as a cat Karen alone in her 40s. The government pays for their abortia and their bastard children. Or they divorce rape men. Leaving ever more men desperate to find a companion, which skews the dating pool causing women to think they are the great prizes. They aren’t. Far from it they are a horror, a slave chain, willing to divorce rape a man and take 75% of his savings and earnings without a whit of care that he might off himself with a government proclamation that his life is to be destroyed for all time.  What did he do? Well see, the woman got “bored” and chad and tyrone on welfare were just having fun all the time so the hard working career male just isnt as much fun anymore. Others think their 20 something chad-ster is actually in love with them. Often he’s just another mooch on the chain. After the divorce rape he will be her steed while the divorced husband pays for their life together.  And she will cackle and hate her ex husband with her every breath. It’s another spiteful mutant case, except that shes feeding off a cucked husband. Our nation changed the laws. Handed everything over to women and set up kangaroo divorce courts to take everything from men. Don’t get me started on METOO.  Why aren’t Europanics having children? You’d have to be pretty dumb to fall for this enslavement system.  The best and brightest walk away, the betas still get a woman pregnant and end up getting his money siphoned off for the rest of his life until he breaks and dies.

So when, through immigration, communism/demothugs, welfarism, and feminism grows out of control, and the population of these spiteful mutants exceed 50% of the population, your nation is headed towards doom. Already the only reason Europanics are greater than 50% is because of our older people, the younguns are already named Muhammed or Chad or Jesus is big numbers.  In the elementary schools already its 70% mutants. So that means its only 10-20 years before the whole nation dies. But until that happens they will feed on our largess and welfare and divorce rape and cause the government to run out of money. The government will print money out of thin air, and inflate away the value of our currency to nothing.  Social security goes broke in 2035. Thats 15 years. That may be optimistic.