Are you a small business that is supposed to be the target of the bailout billions and still waiting for money? That’s cause the rich fatcats piled in and vacuumed up billions. BASTARDI. Only SOME have been shamed enough to return it. Others say they will keep it.  Where are the FINES Mnuchen, where are the FRIGGIN FINES! Answer – there are none. Suffer biatches.

WASHINGTON – Publicly traded companies have received more than $1 billion in funds meant for small businesses from the federal government’s economic stimulus package, according to data from securities filings compiled by The Washington Post.

Nearly 300 public companies have reported receiving money from the fund, called the Paycheck Protection Program. Recipients include 43 companies with more than 500 workers, the maximum typically allowed by the program. Several other recipients were prosperous enough to pay executives $2 million or more.

After the first pool of $349 billion ran dry, leaving more than 80% of applicants without funding, outrage over the millions of dollars that went to larger firms prompted some companies to return the money. As of Thursday, public companies had reported returning more than $125 million, according to a Post analysis of filings.

Other companies have said they plan to keep the funds, saying the loans had been awarded according to the rules of the program and that they would use most of it to pay workers, as required, in order for the loans to be forgiven.