Ah Whitmer, gov of Minnesota, is still scolding people and telling them to behave. Like a school marm with a ruler, she’s high on her own petticoats.

Trump said Whitmer should ease up. “Like, da Govnuh, Chill youre worse than Ivana after she caught me with that playboy model”

Meanwhile, and surprisingly, the stock market CONTINUED to crash today. They said it was trumps China threats, but really, its all these asshat guvies holding the nation hostage for their own fascist orgasm.  35 million out of work? that’s like 33% unemployment. Even during the great depression it never passed 17% (the rest were in the CC corps).  So this is serious stuff indeed, and it would be ok if they’d just say ENOUGH already.

As Tucker Carlson scolds, theres NO scientific basis that staying at home will save ANYONE. its a guess. IF this stuff stays floaty in the air for hours and on surfaces for weeks, we’re all basically screwed.

So breathe in … breathe in the air.

It’s to late to even care.

Corona virus is down your throat.

So don’t be a fascist and stop this trope.

Home   home again. I’m sick of being here  Corona Chan

All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be