“Okeee so I put my peepee up her ass, ehs ok in Mehico.” said one of the Ice detainees release by federal district judge Marcia Cooke. “I thought she was ten, I sorry” said the man with large MS letters tattooed upon his forehead. The girl was only five years old.

Another ICE detainee known only as LUPO laughed and waved to our cameras as he walked free back into the Miami streets. He was found guilty of cutting the arms and heads off of three six year old children. White  children. No he is again free. ICE agents looked on in disgust.

The ruling in Miami has ordered U.S. immigration authorities to begin releasing detainees held at three facilities in South Florida.

In an order issued Thursday, U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke, a NEGRO,  said crowded conditions exposing detainees to the coronavirus violate their constitutional rights, including protections from “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Judge Cooke Thinks Child Rapists Should Run Free

Wait, illegal aliens don’t HAVE constitutional rights they aren’t citizens! What the Heck! Looks like some lefty nutter needs to go back to law school.

About 1,200 people are being held in the three detention centers in conditions that Cooke said places them at a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19. All are planned to be released shortly following a trend across the nation with lefty judges ordering releases of illegal aliens from ICE detention across the country.

And it’s not just Florida, in a coordinated movement by Demothugs, lefty judges across the nation are releasing ICE detainees. Trump has to issue an injunction order or all of these illegals will be released.

U.S. District Court Judge William Young, in a federal class action suit filed on behalf of two plaintiffs represented by Lawyers for Civil Rights, has ordered the releases of ICE detainees on a rolling basis.


“Ameria is a great place” said a heavily tattooed MS-13 member who smiled as he tasted freedom to kill again.