I’m watching Tucker Carlson and he has on some hispanic who keep referring to illegal alien invader criminals as “undocumented neighbors”.  I don’t have words.

Trump really wrecked the nation forever by breaking all his promises. Why does this keep happening. There wont be even a hope of salvation or change no matter what they promise unless it comes from a new third party. That’s what we have learned. Unfortunately, it’s already too late, the damage done, we are hopelessly FKED at this point.

First promise broke – End Birthright citizenship. This is perhaps the most damaging of all. There is no LAW that says if you are born here you become a citizen. Even Tucker fell for it spouting that the “neighbors” guy was a citizen. No he’s not. There is no such thing as birthright citizenship for invaders. This means that the 100 million illegal alien invaders currently here in our country have children who seem to be “defacto” recognized as citizens, even given social security numbers! MADNESS. Oh but the Trump Fk-ing goes on and on.

Second promise broke – to END the H-1B genocide visa. Thats where they take our best and brightest engineers, kick them in the teeth and throw them into the streets and replace them with Sanjay and his fake degree from India. 5 million of them now. There are only 4 million computer jobs in America.

Third promise broke – Lock her up. She’s still free last I checked. And what happened to prosecuting the criminals in the CIA and FBI. Durhams report never comes. Trey gowdy just announced “don’t expect prosecutions”. They cover for their own.

What mistake did Trump make? He brought in the WORST DC insiders to run everything, and they damn well like what’s going on.

DACAns – the illegal children who snuck into America? He could Thanos snap them away.  Sanctuary cities? He could arrest those mayors and put them in the hoose gaw where they belong.

The Demothugs, being the pure evil party hell bent on the total destruction of the nation to stay in power, make voting Republo-blood seem like a good choice. It isn’t.

Now we have an insidious plot to fake count corona virus deaths. Keep the shutdown going even if it means collapsing the economy to great depression levels. The CDC issued a notice that we could count “suspected” cases as deaths. with no proof. And the cheating began there.  It’s going to be damn obvious soon when America’s curve doesn’t follow any other nations.

The FED acted again to take CDOs and CMOs into their wing stuffed with failed loans and fraudulent double booked mortgages. The bankers and huxsters stuffed billions into their own pockets. This is the second time it’s happened, pushing our debt up to 28 trillion. Never again I thought? But apparently no one cares.

This nation is sick of the invaders, sick of throwing our best and brightest into the streets but it’s all going forward full bore under trump. “I’ll build dah wall” says Trump. I think we got 50 miles last I checked.

So I’ve changed my mind. I was optimistic I thought that if we delayed we could somehow overcome and change our fate. No longer. America is flat out doomed.