No morality. Small underdeveloped brains without higher order functions. It makes them think killing beautiful young girls is “funny”. Their reaction is laughter because they are dysgenic and lack all moral compass.  Most often they FAKE IT to seem normal in society but most utterly lack it.  I’m sorry Gina, I’m truly sorry. You will be missed.


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Investigators suspect a 16-year-old girl whose body ended up at a waste disposal site near the Mercer-Butler County line was the victim of a “thrill kill.”
Gina Bacher Burger’s alleged killer, Ricki D. Williams IV, 18, of Youngstown, also hoped his crime would earn him “status” on the jail’s top floor, known as “murderer’s row.”
“He was kind of living out his fantasy of being a ‘thug’ or ‘gangster,’ “ Austintown Police Chief Robert Gavalier said this morning of Williams. “He thought killing someone would be fun.”
Prosecutors in Mahoning County announced Wednesday that they might seek the death penalty against Williams, who is charged with murder and remains jailed on $750,000 bail.
Authorities allege Williams on June 23 fatally stabbed Burger, stuffed her body in a playpen bag and placed the bag in a Dumpster outside her apartment building in Austintown, a suburb of Youngstown.