Ignoring social distancing and climbing on top of each other, Blacks celebrated their first day of freedom in Atlanta by scrambling to buy the new $800 pair of sneakers called Air Jordans.

“I habent bought a pair of air jordans in 40 days! Gimme that SNEAKAH!” screamed one man.

“It’s been tooo long, too long” screamed another purchasing the shoes with EBT cards.  We noticed he was already WEARING Air Jordans. When asked WHY he was buying another he could only reply “Dese Fire Engine RED!”

One large black woman was injured as she was trampled. “Good thing theys all wearin air jordans or I’d be hurt bad. Thos shoes are so soft n comfy”

When asked how she could afford them she replied “It’s tough, each shoe costs two months welfare, we have to save for weeks!”

The crisis has been averted. Thank the lord!