The complete collapse in the money velocity has been on an insane trajectory since 2007. But now, it’s gone stratospheric. It means its all sitting in billionaire’s accounts and the economy is frozen. If the 2007 was enough to panic, this is ten thousand times worse.

Ahh its just a temporary blip of covid you say. Maybe.  I hope so.

More likely, its a trendline that has been on an death spiral for 13 years and now just reached endpoint. singularity. negative infinity. This has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

They overspent endlessly, debt doesn’t matter, then the Fed twice rushed in and gobbled 4 TRILLION in fake corrupt debt instruments created by crooked bankers, shielding them from the light of prosecution, the bankers took the profits, and our economy died.

This isn’t just corona virus. Look at the money velocity numbers – they have been crashing for years. Why? They have been taking money off the table – essentially billionaires keeping it in banks and fixed investments. Less money for the common folk means low velocity. It’s another indicator that the huge 8 trillion dollar outflows doesn’t reach the common man.

This is serious folks. If we don’t see a reverse of this in 30 days, sell everything and head for the hills.