The Flynn fallout has made it clear that Comey set off to frame him with zero evidence. Moreover, the entire Russia collusion delusion had no predicate. Worse than that, the FBI was told specifically by the Steele source that the Steele document/dossier was a fabrication.

After they learned that they continued to file FISA requests to spy on American citizens, continued the Mueller investigation for years, and with all that the Democrats finally seized the congress in the midterms.

We have been waiting and waiting to see anyone charged. If Trump waits until AFTER the election it may never happen. If he waits until election season, he will get labeled as making the charges politically. No the charges have to come now or never.

Sadly it looks like never. And that’s a shame. As the last tenet of America – fair justice – will then fade into history.

Trump says “never again”. How about charging them NOW? Or… it’s going to be again and again and again. Surely after THREE YEARS of investigation they have enough to charge the underlings and get them to turn.