Yehp. a yehp.  An illegal alien family with their typical six children who snuck into the USA would get $16,000 a month under the Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders bill. No social security number required.

The Act is being pitched by Senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey.

If the legislation is passed, Invaders who make less than $120,000 would receive a monthly check of $2,000.

Married couples who file their taxes together would receive $4,000 and $2,000 would be provided for each child up to three.

Harris told Politico that the bill is a reflection that Congress’s previous efforts were not “nearly enough to meet the needs of this historic crisis.” nor the needs of illegal alien invaders.

Bernie Sanders chimed in as well – “Whose gonna pick the cotton? Howya gonna have cotton without our undocumented neighbors?” [bernie, cotton is harvested by MACHINE and has been since the invention of the cotton gin]

Markey told the outlet that the checks would be “the most direct and efficient mechanism for delivering economic relief to those most vulnerable.” aka Illegal alien rapists murderers and pedophiles.

“Congress has a responsibility to make sure that every working-class household in America receives a $2,000 emergency payment a month for each family member,” Sanders added. Including the illegal invader rapists.

 Kamala Harris was one of three Democratic senators to introduce the bill

Kamala Harris was one of three Democratic senators to introduce the billCredit: Getty Images

The cash would be retroactive to March and would keep flowing until three months after the Health and Human Services Department has declared the public health emergency is over.

It would also be untouchable by debt collectors and Americans would receive the checks whether or not they have a Social Security number and filed taxes last year.

The introduction of the bill came on the same day that unemployment in the US reached 14.7 percent – the highest it’s been since the Great Depression.

However, President Trump played down the numbers on Friday, saying they were “totally expected.”