One thing that the commies love is to utterly demoralize you. Break your spirit. And then laugh at you. This is the H-1B genocide visa.

For those not in the know, it’s a visa for foreign workers, a “non-immigrant” visa but that would be a sham to call it that, but its a sham so ….

It’s the non-immigrant visa with which over 40% apply for green cards, get them, and never leave.

It’s the visa to bring in third world low IQ savages with fake degrees and fake resumes? What? What do I have to back that up? THREE GAO studies found rampant cheating and fake credentials. THREE.

How many come here? 250-600,000 a year.  In recent years the number hovers around 350,000 a year. How many are here? Well if you include those who never left, it’s over 4 million. Probably closer to five million.

What lies does the mainstream media say? Well they will declare it’s only 85,000 people a year. not true. They will also say it’s just a tiny number of the best and brightest. Also not true. Having worked on over 20 projects with teams of these people, they are generally dumb as a stump, stinky, and annoying with their gibberish english. They certainly are not anywhere near the best American engineers.

Why is it a “genocide” visa? Because it’s 100% replacement of American engineers. There are only 4 million tech jobs in America and we have over 5 million of these slag labor.

The whole process is rampant with cheating. The placement companies run by Indians are utterly racist and only hire Indians. Once a curry “nest” is set up, often at prestigious companies like Intel or Oracle, all they hire are more Indians. If an American does end up in a curry den, they don’t last long. Either they get tasked to fix the mess the Indians and Chinese created, or it’s just a grim place to be with stupidity running rampant.

It gets worse. They go to congress and claim they can’t find Americans to hire (LIE) and then bring in tens of thousands of foreign fake engineers, finally they layoff their best and brightest.

Now, a company can’t lay off their best and brightest engineers that wouldn’t be in their own interest you say.  Well, you see all the upper management is WHITE in these companies. So they NEED the brown staff to make it seem like they are “diverse” all of this is an exercise in diversity and also, it’s a denigration of the engineering class. The MBAs despise engineers because engineers are much much smarter than MBAs.  But the MBAs can layoff whole swaths of Americans and pocket a tidy bonus for “saving money” with the cheaper H-1B workers.

You will notice this only happens in mature successful companies. They can rape it like this for about 10 years before they start to get major failures that can’t be hidden. Boeing’s engine design disaster didn’t happen until they let go a whole team of senior engineers.  And they have a UNION!

Project after project results in failure. The H-1B workers often just pretend to work or do total fraud jobs. I’ve caught them personally in major fraud at five major fortune 100 companies and on over ten contracts.  What kind of fakery? Pretending tests are real, pretending the code is working, or just covering for each other when only 1 out of the 20 engineers can actually produce anything at all. The others are just seat warmers. The company thinks they are saving money over an expensive American engineer but the truth is they are paying 10 times more.

I can’t prove it, but I think there’s one other thing going on. Companies essentially have these workers as slaves. They so hope to get green card sponsorship to get out of shit hole china and india that they put up with all kinds of abuse – long hours, being treated like shit, etc. It’s a superiority complex for the slime MBAs.

This has happened to IBM, Oracle, Disney, Intel, Microsoft. It’s EVERYWHERE. It’s now so endemic that if they canceled the H-1B visa today Americans would STILL never get jobs.

This is demoralizing our best and brightest. It’s outrageous, it’s well known, and no politician will do anything about it. The big silicon valley campaign handouts are at risk.

Even when American engineers have jobs, they have suffered terrible salary stagnation vs. what they would be earning if this genocide had not taken place.

No one cares because America as a nation doesn’t give shit. One more sign of the collapse to a land of spiteful mutants. It’s pathetic.