In yet ANOTHER shocking story to give an entirely fake life to low IQ savages leading to fake affirmative action jobs, Janet Napolitano has announced she will no longer require SAT scores for admission.

“Blacks just weren’t able to score high enough” said Amanda Pakitein, “This new policy will allow us to equalize minority status in the admissions process”

What to do with an army of dumb students in classes? Well give them good grades anyways. Of course they will have to steer clear of courses that have real answers and tests like science classes.  And after they graduate? Well more made up jobs. Their entire lives are a myth. Then they get UPPITY… UPPP IIIITTT   TYYYYY.  So watch out! The reward for giving them everything ? “WHITEYS RACISST” they scream. Hmmm.


In a decision that could lead to a shake-up of the nation’s standardized testing landscape, University of California President Janet Napolitano is recommending the suspension of the SAT and ACT tests as an admissions requirement until 2024 and possible elimination after that.

In a proposal posted Monday, Napolitano is recommending a complex and unusual five-year plan that would make the tests optional for two years and eliminate testing requirements for California students in Years 3 and 4. Then, in Year 5, UC would move toward a standardized assessment developed specifically for the 10-campus system.

The plan would produce rich data on which students get admitted under each strategy and how they perform in college. It could also widen access to a UC education for more disadvantaged students. But the recommendation raises concerns about how campuses would implement different entry standards for different classes.

Napolitano’s decision could tip the scales against the tests among Board of Regents members, who are scheduled to vote on the controversial issue next week.

Her plan is not completely in line with the Academic Senate, which recently voted unanimously to keep the tests for five years while alternatives are researched