So there are transsexuals like Blair white.  They talk and sound like women, they are pretty, they are … well … women.


I get fumed when nutters like Levine think they can slap on a wig talk in a moose voice and go “I am woman” uh… no. You seem nothing at all like a woman. “HOW DARE YOU” screams levine. I dare.

Especially when you rise to the top of the public health chain in Pennsylvania and have a policy of sending covid patients back to nursing homes killing thousands. ick. And then she takes her own mom OUT of the nursing home lest she catch it from her own policies! SCARAMUNGA!

But just having a public position, it’s despicable when these trannies don’t even bother to try to look normal, they come across as men and ick and horrors and one wonders if the wig falls off you’ll just see a pudgy faced bald man standing there.


It’s not to discriminate on looks alone. But it shows when they make zero effort at all. Christ its nutters. The thing about these transitioners who wait until they are old men to transition, they are just fucking cowards.  fucking cowards.

Speaking of Nutters how about wacky Demothug Judge Sullivan having a heart attack that the DOJ ordered him to drop the Flynn case because it’s a total shame based on LIES from the FBI, not lies from Flynn.

Well he’s gone to appoint another judge, and to solicit amicus briefs from hostile demothugs who are seething to see Flynn burn. Impeach the fucker right now. He’s got no goddamn right being a judge after doing this. we’ll see how the wheel of justice turns, most likely … it will not and they will continue to torture Flynn endlessly over a crime he never commited.

Well, here’s some video of Levine to make you cringe and vomit. See if you can make it through more than 20 seconds of it, I know I was blowing chunks pretty hard ten seconds in.

start at 1:20